Les ariettes du Kelly Family

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Kelly Stories

School Affair II.




Chapter 4
Lorrie looked at him from the window as he was leaving. She thought: „ If only you could fulfill your promise. She didnt know whether she shall believe him that he calls every day. SO the next surprise was when he really called the other day, and the next one too, and the following one also. This repeated every day, whenever even if he has a busy programm, he always finds some time to call. He asked about what she is doing, how is she, whether she enjoys holidays and he is always saying about the concerts, he knows that she likes the music and is curious about the information.
Lorrie spent the holidays with Alison and other friends and is waiting for the second half of August when Dasa is coming back to Czech at least for some time. When Paddy calls every day, Lorrie realised how much she misses Kelly shows. She hasnt been to any concert since the one in Munich and more and more was she thinking about going to one. But she didnt want to go alone and she also knew that she wont persuade Alison.
The half of the August was here. Dasa arrived and both girls were talking about all what happened. Dasa was pretty in shock, so many things. But she was really glad that everything cleared out between Lorrie and Patrick and also their daughter. One evening when Lorrie was on the internet she found out that Kellys will have a show in Dresden. That was the impuls, she knew this town pretty well and asked why not to go, it isnt so far and she wished to hear the Kellys live and couldnt get this thought out of the head. After Paddy called again, Dasa found out that Lorrie was thinking about something. She worried: „ Did anything happen? Any problem? You look so sad and serious…“ Lorrie just mentioned: „ I would so much love to go to the concert but I dont know….“ Dasa looked at her: „ You cant hold it up without you Paddy right?“said jokingly. Lorrie took a pillow and threw it on Dasa: „ For the first…it isnt my Patrick ..“ Dasa just laughed: „ I see….hihihi“ and Lorrie went on: „ And I dont want to go there because of him but because I miss their concerts so much…and…I wouldnt tell it to Paddy..“ Dasa just looked with questions and Lorrie explained: „ You know, I d like to be there just anonymous…just to enjoy the music…“ Dasa threw the pillow back and said: „so what are you waiting for…We ll go..“ Lorrie was surprised: „ Really? Would you go with me? That is great…“ Dasa nodded: „ Of course I would….lets go to pack the suitcase…“ Lorrie asked: „ But what about Cathy?“ Dasa replied: „Alison could také care or Giulio will be glad to have Cathy..“
Both went to ask Alison and she agreed, so they decided to plan a week route through Germany and finish it in Dresden at the concert. They were supposed to leave on the other day. It was really hard for Lorrie to leave Cathy for so long. She has never left her alone for such a long time. So theyset out for a journey. Short before the borders Lorrie wanted to phone Cathy but she couldnt find the mobile. She searched for many places but she didnt find it. She was angry: „ I am so stupid, I také so many unnecessary things but forget the most important one…“ Dasa tried to calm her: „ Dont worry, I have got my own….“ She opened her bag and couldnt find it too. She just commented: „ I have left it on the table at home.“Lorrie didnt believe it: „ What? Are you kidding me?“ Dasa tried to search for it again but then gave up. Lorrie realised that this wasnt joke but a reality. Dasa tried to make up something: „ Dont worry, it isnt so terrible, you know tha phone. …“ Lorrie replied: „ you are right, the coin automat phones are on every corner, I ll phone from the hotel.. “
The journey went ok but then suddenly Lorrie became white: „ Oh, gosh…“ Dasa asked: „ what happened?“ Lorrie just said: „ Patrick…“ Dasa didnt understand: „ What does that mean?“ Lorrie took a deap breath: „ He doesnt know I have gone somewhere,,,nobody is at home and my mobile…he wont know what happened…“ Dasa told her: „ Calm down, just tell him that you are going away…“ Lorrie replied: „ I cant….it isnt possible..“ Dasa wondered: „ Why isnt it possible?“ Lorrie said: „ Because I dont know his number…“ Dasa stared at her: „ What? …Look, you have been talking together for almost two months..dont tell me that….“ Dasa tried to make up a solution: „ He isnt silly and he can call Alison.“ Lorrie just refused this: „ No, he doesnt know her number…“ Dasa just shrugged: „ Look, he may come up with the idea that you have gone to holidays or to some trip…dont také it so tragically,you are adult, and he is neither your father, nor your husband ….you can do whatever you want, cant you? Just he ll have to hold it up without you…..“ she joked. Lorrie was thinking about it and then became calmer: „ What Dasa said was true…he ll certainly get to the idea that I am on the holiday….and the week isnt just so long…“
„ What is wrong? Come on..pick it up?“ Patrick was completely crazy and was walking with the mobile in the hand around. „ Come on….“ Jimmy asked his younger brother: „ Still nothing?“ Patrick threw the mobile with anger on the table. Jimmy could imply his answer. Paddy suddenly said: „ Four days and nothing, today I have tried at least five times….why doesnt she také it?“ He was completely desperate.. neither a mobile nor the phone at home. Patrick was worried: „ I just hope that nothing happened“ and walked forward and back. Jimmy tried to calm him: „ Dont worry, maybe you call at the wrong tim…or they may have gone on a trip…“ Paddy replied: „ Why didnt she let me know. We spoke together every day…she would tell me..I am having the right to know…..“ Jimmy still attempted to calm him down: „ Calm down please, four days arent such a long time, she might have to gone there ..and Paddy…“ Jimmy looked at him seriously: „ Lorrie is adult, she can do whatever she wants, it is her life, she doesnt have to tell you everything, you arent neither her father nor her husband.“ He used the same sentence as Dasa did. Paddy replied: „ Well, I am not…but …I am her friend and Cathy is my daughter and I have the right what is happening.“ Jimmy disagreed: „ well, you are…but Lorrie? She is free and can do whatever she likes, she doesnt need your consent.“ Paddy sat down on the sofa: „ Jimmy, I know that youre right but ,,understand me..the uncertainty is killing me…if I only knew that everything is alright…what would that do to her to tell me that they are going away and that she and Cathy are alright?“ Jimmy didnt know what to tell him.
Three days later:
„ Please, please ,…please..pick it up!!! Pleasee….!!!!!!“ Patrick was really unhappy, for six days, whole six days he couldnt call her, he had no idea what is happening. He had many thoughts of what could happen. Suddenly Jimmy opened the door and became sad when he saw that Paddy again was holding the phone in his hand: „ Still nothing?“ Paddy just shook the head: „ Jimmy, just a minute….I want it,…..“ Jimmy stopped him: „ Paddy, I am sorry but we need to go, there is the time…you ll try it later….
Meanwhile in the hall:
„ Come on, we ll stay here…“ Lorrie said and wanted to stay in the last row. But Dasa disagreed: „ No, when I am here, I just want to see very well.“ And pulled Lorrie to the front. Lorrie was worried of the front rows because Paddy could see them and also all Kellys but Dasa wasnt scared. Lorrie tried to persuade her: „ Please, lets stay here…I dont want him to see me..“ But Dasa refused and sat down into the fourth row. Lorrie gave up and sat down next to her. So the concert began. Kellys wished a good show and went on the stage. Lorrie was sitting next to Dasa and didnt know what should happen.: „ Will they notice her or not? What will be Paddys reaction when he sees her. They havent talked together for one week, he doesnt know what is happenning. She doesnt pick up the phone and now he ll see them. He wont be very happy, maybe not at all… she lied to him“
Dasa had another thoughts: „ She remembered how she met Kellys and that they thought that her husband is Lorries husband. He ll be very crazy when he sees her and such little revenge for everything cannot be for useless,,,But what if he doesnt notice? For that case I have got one thing…“ she smiled. Then she looked at Lorrie who was worried and at the moment the Kellys went to the stage. They started with Whats a matter you people and all people stood up and began dancing and enjoying themselves, just Lorrie and Dasa didnt.
Lorrie was watching Patrick, he seemed to be weird, like not in his skin. He was nervous and still looking at the watch and hypnotizing the time. He looked like that he wishes the end. Dasa also looked at him and said: „ Well, he is really weird and his performances are poor, he doesnt look like very well. Is he so sad because he cannot call to Lorrie?“ She had the feeling that between the two is more than just the friendship as Lorrie had decribed her. Dasa was sure that they feel something much deeper but none of them has realised it yet. Then she shook her head: „ What am I doing? Maybe he is in a bad mood, I know what he can do ….and I felt almost sorry for him..“ Lorrie looked at her: „ Come on, we re gonna have a party…“ They were dancing, singing and forgot their former worries. The show was going on and followed the Fell in love with an alien. Dasa made up her plan. She noticed that he doesnt see them and she planned to change it. She took the Czech flag out of the bag and started to wave with it… Paddy was waving with the hand when he noticed the Czech flag.
He looked at the place and had to smile. He saw the girls as they were arguing and he wasnt far from truth. After some time Lorrie saw what Dasa was doing and she wanted the flag because she didnt want him to see her: „ Dasa, are you ok? Do you want to be seen by him? He hasnt noticed us…sofar…“ Dasa laughed: „ Yes, that is what I want…“ Lorrie looked at her angrily and they started to discuss it.. Then Patrick noticed that the two girls look familiar to hiim and came closer to the end of the stage and looked their way…and what he saw was pretty shocking for him. He was completely out of his mind: „ Oh…that is Lorrie…what is she doing here?“ Patrick didnt understand,,,he was completely out of himself that he stopped singing and stared. He was confused, on the one hand, he was happy that he can see Lorrie and that she is alright, but on the other hand, he was really angry why she didnt pick up the phone and didnt understand it….but suddenly he became sad…. And just stared.
When he stopped singing, Lorrie noticed and looked at him.. They were looking at each other, but after some time she moved with the look and sat down quickly, she noticed Paddys look and wasnt able to face his loo. Patrick finally started again singing after Tricia showed him with the hands to go on…None of the Kellys knew what happened but one did. Jimmy noticed Lorrie when Paddy was staring at them.
Jimmy was thinking: „ This wont have good ending or it will be solved.“ He, same as Dasa, has noticed in the past week that between them is something more than just friends from Paddys side but he didnt admitt it. Paddy continued singing and Kellys played a few more songs. When Lorrie and Dasa wanted to leave, a bodyguard came to them and he gave Lorrie a paper. She opened it and recognised the handwriting: „ When there will be less people, this man will také you and lead you to the backstage…we are waiting here for you..“ Lorrie looked at the paper and Dasa smiled: „ Something has started to happen..finally…“ Lorrie wasnt so excited, she noticed Paddys look and it was saying everything.“ Dasa looked at her with smile: „ Dont worry …it is gonna be ok…“
They entered in and Lorrie was really afraid. Angelo came closer and laughed: „ I know these two fans.“ He hugged them and called: „ Hey, look who we have here?“ Tricia came out of the room and called: „ Dont disturb,,,“ Then she stopped when she saw them and went to greet them. Then they heard a noise and Maite ran to them and started to ask many questions about Cathy… Maite was so glad to see Lorrie. Just Patrick remained sitting in his room. He was sitting on a chair, thinking about something and didnt know what he should do…He had thousands of thoughts and all belonged to only one person.
All the thoughts have belonged to one person, Lorrie, he was really glad to see her and that she is alright, but when he imagined what xould have happened to her and Cathy, these toughts have driven him crazy. He also was getting angry: ",,,what has happened? Why didnt she pick up the phone? Why did she move her look?" He had thousands of questions in his head for which he coudlnt give an answer.
NOw it was Jimmys turn in hugging, when he hugged Lorrie he whispered: " PAddy has been waiting for you in his wardrobe..." Lorrie looked at him and nodded that she understands, Jimmy let her out of his hug and she went the way that he showed her, she stopped in front of the door, suddenly she didnt have the courage to go on, took a deep breath and knocked.
She heard the familiar voice saying: " Come in..." SHe took the handle and opened the door. With hesitating step she entered the room and closed the door. Patrick stood up from the chair and looked at her. She looked up to him too and both were trying for the smile but none of them was very good at it.: " Hi"...said PAddy silently, " hi" she replied unsurely.She waited what will follow, she couldnt read anything from his face. " I " said Patrick and stopped, he was looking at Lorrie and suddenly he heard in his mind saying: " I love you..." He was shocked. He looked: " I love her..... No, what am I doing? She is my best friend... I havent seen her for so long and all the stress." He looked at her once again and he had to move with the look: " I really love her..WHat shall I do?" How much he would love to hold her in his arms and tell her that he loves her but he knew that it wasnt the best time for it. He was aware of everything that happened and also how hard he gained her trust back...and he was also hurt by the knowlege that she can see just a friend in him. And he didnt want to risk to lose even this...
Lorrie was looking at Paddy, she didnt understand what that should mean:"..why cant he look straight into my eyes and moves the look?....Is he so angry with me? Cant he forgive her that she didnt say a word? and that she doesnt let know about her?" She was really desperate and was thinking " Please I hope he wont tell me that he wants the end..." She was close to crying, and she tried to solve his face: " Please, dont let stop our friendship...I ....I.. I love him...." SHe was surprised by the recognition:" Yes, I love him..." SHe smiled but then became sad again: " It isnt possible, he could never love me, he takes me as a friend, never saw anything else in me and it will never change...and then how could somebody like him love somebody as me...." They both had similar thoughts, he was saying his and she again hers. " I " paddy started again and Lorrie looked at him so he continued: " Iam glad to see you.." He smiled..but in his heart he felt the pain, no he cant tell her that he loves her, it must remain in his heart forever. Lorrie answered: " Me too..." but when he hugged her, she had tears in her eyes, she promised: " He shall never know what feelings I have for him...never..." They hugged and he let her and looked at her: " Lorrie..." Lorrie was worried: " Now, it will come, he ll scream at me and she didnt find the courage to look at him.." Patrick wanted to start to make her the blames but when he saw her state, he couldnt say a word, he had thousands of wishes to hold her in his arms,,,but resisted....Instead he continued: " Lorrie, why? Tell me why please, why you didnt pick up the phone and didnt let know about you... Can you imagine what I have gone through? I didnt know what happened, if everything is OK, or if you are still alive?" She looked at him she expected that he would scream, blame her...but this.... she wasnt able to say a word but PAtrick was destroyed and he explained her silence different way. He looked at her: " I know that you have no duty to tell me where you go, what you do, you dont owe it to me,...just, you know...just..." Lorrie stopped him: " I m really sorry..." she couldnt hold up the tears anymore: " When you were talking about the concerts...I wanted so much to see you all live again, I missed it so much but I didnt want you to know about it.....and then...on the borders I found out that I dont have my phone and even Dasa has forgotten hers...so.." PAddy was staring at her... She continued: " You know how terribly I remember numbers,,,And I didnt remember yours, I tried to...but......" She couldnt speak anymore, just sobbed...she wasnt able to say a word. 
Paddy hugged her: " Come on, it is ok...." then he asked: " And what about Cathy? Is she here with you?" Lorrie shook the head: " NO, she stayed with Alison,...PAddy, I am sorry, I am really so sorry...." And she cried completely. PAddy smiled: " Come on, nothing happens...the most important is that you are both alright and I dont have to worry anymore...." Lorrie calmed down and smiled too...: " I promise it will never happen anymore.." PAddy laughed: " I hope so...because then I ll find you and you ll see something then." SHe looked at him: " What will I see?" PAddy thought up...he tried to find out but he just showed a serious face....but he didnt have time to say something because she laughed out and he did too. Then PAddy went to open but just a bit so that nobody could see Lorrie. It was Jimmy and said:" we are going to eat..do you also want to or?" He smiled: " Paddy laughed and replied: " Yes, we go but keep us the place, we ll come later.." THen everybody leaves and when they did, Lorrie looked at him and asked: " Did they all go?" Paddy just agrees and says: " YOu know, the shows are a bit hard and we are so hungry afterwars, Lorrie smiled: " I believe...it must be really hard..." PAddy asked: " Did you at least like it?" Lorrie laughed: "Why do you ask when you already know the answer?" She seems to be amused: " Even then...long time ago....when.." Paddy stops her and says seriously: " MAybe you could start hating it tool,,,after that all........" She didnt understand: " And why? Your siblings have never done anything to me and the music doesnt have anything to do with all what happened...You cant stop liking it just because..." and she remained silent.
PAddy just smiles and changes the topic: " WHere have you been with Dasa, right?, in the whole week?" She replied: " Dasa arrived on holidays from Italy and I missed the concert so much so she offered to go there with me...and we had an idea to make a longer journey, so we were in Berlin and then were returning back to Dresden, I like this city...." Then she looked at Patrick: " You know that you have got a wonderful gift?" PAddy didnt catch it...and she smiled: " You can call out the emotions inside of people..just by look or by gestion,,,,at one moment you smile and the crowds are enjoying with you....and then...just tonight when you were singing Why dont you go.....people you cried..." PAddy just shurggs and doesnt say a word, but inside he says:" and I made you cry too.....but I would rather know how to make you smile than make sad.." and aloud mentioned: " Maybe I am the man of many gifts...." he tried to joke. Lorrie smiled: " Well I dont know...." Paddy threw a pillow gently on her: " so you dont know?" He pretends to be angry and Lorrie just shook the head. He continued: "so where shall I start? I can sing, danced, play on instruments, cook and really well and I can be charmant andfunny and.." Lorrie threw the pillow back to him...: " You are so proud.." So MR. unresistable..tell me what plans have you got after the holidays?" She tries to continue in a funny way but expects the answer so much and tries so that he doesnt recognise it... Paddy becomes serious...and when she sees his face, she beginns to regret that she has ever asked him. She knows what will come. And that really comes. He says: " You know...after the holidays I am going back to Germany, I have finished the school and there is the time to come back........" and he was watching her reaction. And she his one. her heart is sad but she doesnt let him know. PAddy is watching her face and is trying to find at least a piece of sorrow and the fact that she want him to stay...he says: " if only she told me not to leave. to stay...but nothing...please tell me to stay...please... " But she is silent and Paddy is sure: " No , she doesnt want me here..." He is almost with tears. : " I dont have a chance with her....she ll never love me as much as I do her..." Lorrie stood up...: " shouldnt we go? the others are waiting for us?"... Paddy just nodds, opens the door, let her go out of the hall and they got into the car that took them into the restaurant. In the car Lorrie asked: " Patrick, do you think I could ask you to lent me your phone? I would like to phone Alison." Paddy immediately agrees and gives her his mobile. Lorrie was talking to Alison, she wanted to speak with Cathy but the one was already sleeping. WHen she finished, Paddy asked: " Is Cathy still awake: " And he looks at the watch. Lorrie gave him the phone back and shook the head: " No, she is sleeping, it was just Alison..." THen they remained silent untill they got into the restaurant. Paddy was sitting between Angelo and Tricia and Lorrie was next to Dasa and Maite. After they entered it, ANgelo smiled: " well. we wanted to start without you...." THey sat down to their places and Dasa asked Lorrie: " SO did it result ok?" Lorrie smiled but Dasa couldnt miss that she is sad. They knew each other too well...she knew when she was pretending.." PAtricia was saying plans for other days but none of the girls were watching her.. Dasa asked: " What happened? Did you argue?" Lorrie just shook her head....: " SO what could happen? Dasa couldnt look at this, they dont have any reason, when will they finally be together....they are both like little kids, ...but aloud she didnt say a word...she just mentioned: " you ll tell me later ok?"
The dinner went on and when Dasa went into the toilett she met Patty there and she was interested: " Did Lorrie tell you something? I saw that you were whispering..." dasa looked at her: " Did you see their behavior at the dinner? PAddy looks at her like a teenager in love and she looks so sad and for sure she doesnt look at him at all....did they argue again?" Patricia said: " I cant look at this, do you think she doesnt like him? That they arent together yet?.." Dasa shook her head: " She is so crazy in love with him.....I know it for sure..." Patty looks at her: " Really? It doesnt seem so...just sometimes when she thinks that nobody can see her,,,,the look in her eyes when she looks at him is the similar to his...I dont understand..like little kids.." Dasa just sadly nodded. Patricia wondere: " I have got a plan...come on...we ll go back.." Dasa wanted to know more but PAtty just said: " I ll take care of it now..."
They came back to the table and Lorrie was talking to Maite about Cathy...All were laughing except Paddy who wasnt noticed by anybody. Everything was running in his head. As Lorrie opened at the concert, when he finally realised that he loves her but she doesnt love him ...and he isnt surprised for what all he has done to her...and how crazy he was when he thought that she ll tell him to stay when he said that he is going back to Germany. He hasnt noticed that Angelo was talking to him...when he found it out, it was late. ANgelo has lost the patience: " What are you doing again?..You dont listen to me...You know what .....when you are..." and then his phone started to ring: " when you have the mood to listen to me..then come ok?,,," and he stood up and went with the mobile to the next room. PAtricia waited when he comes back and she says: " Please...could you give me a little attention?...In two weeks we have the last show and the tour is therefore over........" All clapped and PAtriicia continued: " And because we havent planned any other shows..we have from the beginning of the October three months of holidays..." she could her clapping again.. : " And therefore I d like to invite our friend to come to us with her daughter and we could finally spend the time with our little niece.WHat do you think, Lorrie?" All were clapping and screaming:" Yes...yes..please.." Lorrie was surprised, she hasne expected anything like that...Maite was also very happy: " COme on, Lorrie, please.....please..." And Lorrie just nodded....and MAite started hugging her. PAddy was also really surprised why Patricia hasnt said a word but more it surprised him that Lorrie agreed and then he got an idea. He stood up and said: " And she ll stay in my flat..I have got a pretty large one and finally I m having the possibility to spend time with my daughter and enjoy my best friend." Patty agreed: " Great idea, my little brother...." Lorrie just nodded, she was totally speechless. SHe was thinking: " WHat should it mean? He said he wants to leave so I thought he wants to be free of us...and now we are supposed to live in his flat? I dont understand inand what will I do? I cant pretend in front of him...and he cannot find out my feelings...how this will end?" SHe was really worried.but she didnt notice how Dasa and Patricia looked at each other with pleasure. Will their plan work?
Dasa looked at the watch: " Lorrie, I m afraid we need to go..." Lorrie agreed and said goodbye to all. Paddy promised: " I m gonna come for you after the tour.." Lorrie just nodded and both girls sat into the car and Dasa drove back to Prague. AFter a few hours of driving they arrived home. Lorrie was so much looking forward to Cathy. She missed her so much...so first she greeted her, hugged and gave her at least hundreds of kisses.
PAtrick hasnt called for the whole two weeks...even though Lorrie was so much waiting for his call but she knew that he was ok because PAtricia called her. and she also added that Patrick is still thinking about something, laying in notes and writing something...and she didnt tell her more although she knew what PAtrick feels for Lorrie, because on one evening he told her....better said she got it out of him. PAtricia hoped secretly that Lorrie starts asking about PAddy but she just changed the topic....Patty felt sorry but didnt say word.
A week after arrived a package from Patrick. Lorrie opened it and she found a CD there with three songs. One was a lullaby from Cathy, the other one was the song about Cathy and the third one....maybe about her? He named it best friend...Lorrie listened to it and it was one of the most beautiful songs that she has ever heard,,,Lorrie smiled when she heard the lyrics: " Would he write a song for me?" but then she stopped when she heard at the end the sentence: " Can a true friendship change into love?" SHe became sad but she didnt have time to think about it because Cathy ran to her with a doll in her hand and she called: " daddy daddy..." Lorrie said gently: " Yes, daddy composed a song for you...." And she put her on her knees and let her to listen to hear the song.
Another week passed by and Lorrie realised that the KEllys tour is over and she wondered whether he ll fulfill his promise ...he hasnt called for the whole two week.
Patrick was completely crazy, he couldnt hold it up, he just played at the concerts but was still thinking about her. Finally the last show was here and he desperately waited when the I cant help myself will be over, he refused to sing brother brother and let his siblings to sing any other song but without him on stage. He sat into the car and went on the way to PRague.
MEanwhile Lorrie was in the evening talking to Lenka, she told her everything that happened and Lenka was really shocked. SHe didnt know what to say, on the one hand she didnt believe that PAtrick Kelly could change and on the other hand she could see from all that she wrote that there must be something more between them. Even though Lorrie refused it...and the more she refused it, the more Lenka was sure but late on Lorrie finally gave up and told her the secret that she loves him...and about Paddy? She was curious herself whether he ll arrive, because she also knew that tonigt was the last show in Berlin. And on one forum she could read that girls who were at the show in Berlin wrote there that Patrick was acting weird tonight, he looked sad and didnt pretend to feel ok, he didnt sing many songs and in the end, when the concert hasnt ended, he disappered and didnt come again. Lenka had hope in her heart but couldnt say anything to Lorrie. Cathy has already been sleeping and Lorrie still talked with Lenka. It was almost 2 am and Lenka still hoped that Lorrie will tell them that she needs to go because PAtrick arrived. But it hasnt happened sofar. At 2 A.M. Lorrie heard a bell. She wrote: " would you believe?somebody is at the door ringing" immeditately she replied: " go to open...and let me know who was it?..." Lorrie went slowly, she really wasnt sure who could it be at two in the morning, she looked and what was her surprise when she saw PAtrick there. She immediately opened the door and he came inside: " Hi..." he smiled: " I hope I didnt wake you up but I went straight after the show....." Lorrie said: " NO, it is ok...would you like a cup of coffee...?" PAddy just nodded thankfully. He was drinking the coffee and started to excuse: " I am really sorry that I didnt call in the past two weeks but I needed to think.." Lorrie looked at him: " You really dont have to be sorry..." Paddy wanted to say something but Lorrie stood up with the words: " I am going to prepare you the bed...you look very tired..." Paddy yawned: " Thank you..." Lorrie has left and when she was preparing the bed, she heard: " Didnt I really wake you up?" Patrick was standing in the door. Lorrie smiled: " No, you really didnt....Good night..." " Good night" she heard when she was closing the door. THen she went back to her PC....THere was written a question: " WHo was it?" Lorrie wrote down: " It was PAtrick.....he arrived...I cant believe it..." Lenka was glad to hear....and then they said goodbye and Lorrie promised to write as soon as they ll get into Cologne...
¨In the morning she heard a laugh of Cathy, she was scared and ran into her room which was already empty. But in the kitchen it was pretty loud. She heard the sound of the dishes so she headed there. She saw Cathy as she was eating her breakfast and PAddy making the pancakes and everytime he threw the pancake into the air, Cathy clapped. " Good morning" Paddy noticed her... SHe replied: " Good morning..", she sat down to the table and PAddy gave her a plate: " Here you are, miss..." she just smiled surprisingly and thanked. He put a few on his plate and sat down opposite to her. Lorrie noticed that he is watching her and asked with care:" Have you slept at all?...I am really sorry that I woke you up..." Lorrie shook her head: " You didnt wake me up...I have already told you..." PAddy looked at her and didnt believe: " Really not?" SHe smiled: " No, I was checking my mailbox...." she lied. PAddy wondered: " Checking the post at 2 a.m.?" Lorrie smiled: " WHat are you wondering? DOnt you know that it is the best time for the post?" Paddy stared at her and she admitted the truth: " Ok, I give up...I was talking to a friend and again..we ended up a bit late..." He smiled: " ANd what was so interesting that you were writing about it for so long?" Lorrie was thinking about the yesterday talk with Lenka: " I cant tell him that I wrote her that I love Patrick...and that I was surprised when I told this to her and she relied that it is no news for her that she has known it for long time and she waited untill I ll realise it and she calmed me down that it is ok.."and she reminded what Lenka said about him. SHe was laughing and said: " Can you imagine that we talked about you?" He is surprised: " About me?You talked about me with a fan?" Lorrie refused: " No, Lenka is a friend of mine..and yesterday she said that you are an idiot..." she laughed and he added: " WHat please?" and he looked that he was touched, his ego worked Lorrie said: " dont look at me like that...it was her who said that...not me.." PAddy added: " And you were certainly persuading her that it isnt true...", he said ironically.Lorrie tired not to laugh but she wasnt very succesful: " COme on, PAddy..." and Lorrie touched him on the shoulder: " You have to accept the fact that not all girls are laying at your feet. and I have to say that she had some really good points" and she laughed again.. He became sad and said seriously: " Thank you but I have already noticed that..." Paddy added: " DOnt tell me...I am preparing you breakfast and you dont even say anything to defend me...you are really such a friend..." and laughed: " You are really crazy...both of you..." THen he said: " You know what....I ll take Cathy for a walk, you can go to bed, it is necessary to pack everything because tomorrow we are going to depart very soon."...he added with a serious voice again. Lorrie agreed and smiled at him....: " Thank you..." PAddy went to take Cathy and went to prepare her for tha walk outside and in the door he stopped and said: " an idiot right?" Lorrie threw the towel on him: " Yes,,,,exactly..."
Lorrie packed everything, had an hour of sleep and when she woke up, she remembered that she is still missing some things, she wrote a paper on the table for PAddy and went. Then she realised that she had forgotten a mobile at home but decided not to go for it again. SHe went to the city. MEanwhile PAddy with Cathy arrived home from the ZOO and when they came into the flat, Paddy called: " We are at home.." Nobody replied so PAddy whispered: " Your mummy must be sleeping...we ll be silent..." and Cathy just smiled at him... When he came to the kitchen, he saw the paper with the message from Lorrie. He just nodded and began to prepare food for Cathy. THen he brought her and she started to eat and then she felt asleep. It was a tiring day for her.
PAtrick went to the kitchen to wash up and then he heard Lorries phone to ring. He looked at it and didnt know what to do, shall hed pick it up or not? He saw a name Lenka on the display. He decided to pick it: " Hello?" Lenka was surprised that Lorrie didnt pick up and she asked: " Is there Lorrie? and who am I speaking to?" He was hesitating what he should say and Lenka realised that she knows the voice...she therefore asked: " Patrick? PAtrick Kelly?" Patrick just is a bit angry that she has recognised him.
Lenka realised the talk with Lorrie the day before and now when she had PAtrick on the phone and she said ironically: " SO you fulfilled your promise....at least this...." He wondered: " What please?" Lenka cleared it: " That you have arrived for her..." He just said: " I see..."so she continued: "But you could have phoned her in the past 14 days..it would do you nothing...Lorrie was worried about you..." He was completely out of himself: " How do you dare me to tell what I shall do? and Who are you btw?" Lenka said her name and he said: " Well, the one from the internet?" She agreed and wondered how he knows it. He added ironically: " You know..." She asked: " so will you take her to Cologne?"
He asked: "WHy are you giving me questions?" SHe said: " Lorrie is my friend and I have to take care of her when the one who shouldnt, doesnt. So take care of her better this time..." She said aloud and he wondered what she ll knows because she seems to be pretty well informed.. He replied: " DOnt worry, this time I wont disappoint agian..." She smiled: " I hope so...PAtrick?" She added: " ... Could I give you an advice?" He was curious, what could she tell him? " Stay far from her....you have done enough harm....You have done enough And I wonder to Lorrie...me on her place.....but when somebody doesnt think with the head..........and then we cant order to our heart right?" He was confused by what he has heard.: " Please...what do you mean by that?"..Lenka didnt give him the place for questions, she said: " good bye and tell Lorrie that I called" was her answer and then she hang up..."
PAddy wondered what happened and was still thinking about it, he was looking at the mobile in his hands: " WHat did it mean? It means that Lorrie loves me or what?" He put the mobile on the table." Or maybe it is just her game....if I didnt know what she thinks about me...I d believe she meant it good. but what if really?..." PAtrick had a mess in his head.. " SO I am back..." he heard Lorrie saying.. SHe stopped when she saw his face..: " WHats up?" He turned to her: " No, no, nothing...." Patrick was watching Lorrie, he couldnt help himself: " Didnt I really miss something?"
Lorrie looked at him and he was so weird :" what could have happened? He behaves so strange..." " The dinner is ready" he smiled.. SHe wondered:" Wow, that is great..I am so hungry......." During the dinner he said: " Lenka called you?" SHe was amazed: " Lenka?" and inside she was thinking: " Maybe that can be the reason of his strange behavior." " SHe wanted me to tell you that she called..." " Well, thank you...it is nice of you..I have to call her and say that we are leaving in the morning..", she smiled. Paddy thought: " THat wont be any suprise for her...", but he was silent and then asked: " ANd how do you know each other? WHo is she?" He wanted to know more,:" how did she think it? ....MAybe the information would help him..." SHe replied: " Lenka? " then she thought: " Oh gosh, what did she do? Has she told him anything harsh? maybe yes..he looks so sad...poor guy." Patrick was impatient: " Yes, Lenka...who is she?" Lorrie replies: "We are good friends..." Patrick wonders: " So good friends?" Lorrie nodds but doesnt understand why he asks so much?" Patrick thanks and thinks: " SO she must know what happened between us...she knows what she is talking about..."he shruggs....
Lorrie doesnt understand and asks: " Did anything happen?...why are you asking?" Paddy just says: " No, nothing...she just says things straight..." PAddy tries not to let Lorrie see what happened. Lorrie is sure: " SO something must happen, what could she tell him?" But aloud she says: " yes that is her....what? Was she bad to you?" She began to tease him... Paddy replied: " NO, we were just nicely talking.." he said shortly and the discussion to this topic was over... Lorrie saw that this topic was over and Paddy wont say her too much so she has to ask Lenka...and so she called her straight after the dinner. SHe asked her: " Please tell me that you didnt scream at him..." Lenka asked: " Why should I?" Lorrie said: " BEcause I know your opinion about him and now you had him straight on the line..." Lenka refused: " No, we were just nicely talking..." Lorrie wondered: " That is weird, PAddy told me the same..." Then she forgot and said: " Tomorrow we are going to him to Cologne, he fulfilled the promise and arrived for us..." SHe was excited.. But Lenka wasnt because she knew that it cant end up very well... because Lorrie doesnt make the first step....: " I hope he isnt such stupid to let it go thought the fingers...." shew thought. Lorrie said: " I ll let you know when we get there and accomodate a bit..." Lenka smiled: " Ok, I ll be looking forward it..." Lorrie replied: " Me too..." Lenka added: " Please, promise me that you ll come back when you dont like it there..." Lorrie didnt know why she was asking for it but promised....: " Ok, dont worry..." She understood what Lenka meant by it.....Lenka wished them a good journey and said: " Call me soon" They both hang up, Lorrie wished a good night to PAddy, they had a long day in front of them so she went to the bed.... In the morning Paddys mobile started to beep and in a moment he couldnt realise where he is, he noticed then that he is in Lorries flat and they are leaving into his flat. And he had to smiled upon this thought. He ll have them with him, the two people that he loved so much. He put on his clothing and wanted to go to make breakfast, what was his surprise when he saw Lorrie in the kitchen and Cathy in the kid chair eating breakfast. Lorrie was just preparing the toasts and he surprisingly stared at her: " Good mornign, she said" She smiled and he replied and stared at her like on a ghost. She laughed: " Why are you looking like that? I can also get up soon and prepare the breakfast.and your breakfast is ready....." SHe put it on the table in front of him and he thanked.. THey ate the breakfast, packed the last things and took them into the car. Paddy was driving and Lorrie was sitting in the back with Cathy. PAtrick put on some CD with the relaxation music and after some time noticed that Lorrie felt asleep.He laughed:" Still the same..." The road was going fast and there were no traffic jams and suddenly he heard a voice. He thought that Lorrie has already woken up but then he noticed that she speaks out of the dream. He couldnt understand but the only thing he registered was his name.
It was a very weird moment, he would so much want to know what is she dreaming about...He was playing with this thought and then said: " Stop, she doesnt have to dream about me and I am imagining whatever could it be.." After an hour Lorrie woke up and he asked: " Have you slept well? " Lorrie nodded: " Yeah..." He couldnt help but he had to ask...: " Any nice dream?" Lorrie thought, she would swear that she had a dream, maybe about him, but she couldnt remember it...: " Can you believe me that I dont remember?...I had a dream but I dont know anything more about it.." Patrick said disappointedly: " No, never mind, it doesnt matter, here close it is Mc Donalds...shall we stop there?" Lorrie said: " Yes, that would be nice, thank you..."
They stopped there and had the lunch, then Cathy made a bit mess when she put the pommes frites all around her but then they could finally continue. Lorrie offered him that they could stop for a moment so that he could have a rest but he refused. Finally after eight hour of driving, they arrived to Cologne, Lorrie was surprised about his house. Last time when she was here, she spent all the time with Maite and ANgelo, and Patricia, but Paddy didnt show up at once. " SO we are here..." PAtrick stopped her thoughts.." They stopped in front of the four stocks houses. She said: " I thought you live in a house as your siblings..." He asked: " Disappointed?" She smiled:" No, not at all, ....just surprised..." PAddy thought: " And the greatest surprise is waiting for you..." Paddy was already curious was she ll say to the room that he preared with his siblings for Cathy...
" So lets go.." he said: " I ll take the things and you Cathy ok?" Lorrie was taking her daughter out of the chair and Paddy was carrying the bags when Lorrie heard a flirting tone of a girls voice: " SO...here you are..where have you been? I have been missing you..." Lorrie saw a girl who ran to Patrick...Lorrie was staring at her: " Is it his girlfriend?" Lorrie was sad: " It cannot be true..." "hi Miriam..." he greeted her and tried to get out of her huggings before Lorrie can see it but late... HE saw the look but he couldnt find out what she thinks. He hated such faces, she looked so strange, so far away...never knew what she was thinking." This is Miriam....my neighbour...we live on the same floor.." he tried to introduce them. and she added: " And his ex....." she smiled and gave her the hand: " But it is a long story..." she continued. Lorrie faked a smiled and touched her hand. Paddy was angry when Miriam said this:" Lorrie didnt have to know it..." He said: " Miriam, this is Lorrie,,,,my...." Lorrie finished: " colleague from school...and this is Cathy, my daughter..." Cathy was playing with her hair and wasnt interested in the whole scene. Miriam said: " Nice to meet you..you have got a very sweet girl.." Lorrie smiled proudly: " Thank you..." They said good bye and went to the house. Lorrie said: " Nice girl..." PAddy looked at her surprisingly... : " So she doesnt mind? How could I think that she would be jealous?" He just replied: " hmm.." They arrived into the fourth floor and he said: " We are here..." He opened the door and let her in..: " Welcome in my kingdom." He smiled and she looked around..." She liked what she saw. SHe had to admitt that PAddy has got a very good taste..SHe said: " Really nice..." Patrick thanked: " I am glad you like it...so here it i the kitchen, the living room, bathroom, my bedroom and here it is your room." He opened the door and Lorrie entered. She saw that the room was very well furnitured, so perfectly..Patrick must have worked on it....it was visible that he chose everything according to her taste..and when she saw the PC on the table, she had to laugh. He knew how much she likes to work with the PC. She looked back to PAddy and said: " Thank you.." she smiled and he said: " You are welcome, ....." he could see from her face that he did right." ANd then they went next door to Cathys room. And what she saw, took her breath, the room was totally sweet, with many toys and teddys....everything was here. Lorrie was speechless. He noticed that she didnt say a word and therefore asked: " I hope you like it, if not, we can..." SHe looked at him: " Like it? It is absolutely amazing....PAddy, thank you ...." and she hugged him in the joy...for the first time... THen she turned to Cathy and didnt notice PAddy: " Look, Cathy, what daddy has prepared for you....do you like it...do you?" Patrick was standing aside, did she hug him or was it just a dream, for the whole time, she never.....almost moved closer to him....but he was happy, he has to thank to the siblings for help.
In the evening when she prepared the dinner he almost didnt speak up, then she said that she goes to bed and he didnt stop her, she wanted to go to bed, but then her look was on the PC she decided to write to Lenka, fortunately she was online so both girls could talk. Lorrie was unhappy: " I dont know what to do, we met his ex...and he is so...he even didnt stop me and let me go in bed..." Lenka was saying to herself that he is such an idiot, but this she couldnt say to Lorrie, she just mentioned: " DOnt worry, it is just a first day..-...he might be tired out of driving..It is gonna be alright" she calmed her down a bit and they were talking again till 1 a.m.The weeks were passing by but nothing happened. PAtrick was a phantastic father what is concerning Cathy..but the relationship between them was kind of frozen. After the dinner he went to his room and Lorrie was talking to Lenka.....during the day,she spent ofter time with MAite, PAtricia or even Angelo. BUt the others are also surpised they counted with the fact that when she arrived, they are together and they didnt know what to do.THey didnt say a word, so the time passes by and the Christmas are almost here. She doesnt like it in Cologne anymore. PAtrick didnt say anything about their relationship and every evenining she talked to Lenka. PAddy regards her still just likema friend and she doesnt know what to do, she starts thinking aobut going home and she wrote it to Lenka in the email. Every day she is walking around Cologne, she just watches everything around the city, from the park straight to the shopping zone and watched the things in the shop windows. She had the headphones on her ears and listened to music and she was looking on the gorund and didnt know what to do, she just felt so sad, so lonely, and yet the upcoming holidays,...she walked around the bunch of people and didnt look around otherwise she would have noticed Maite and Tricia in the Cafeteria. PAtricia came outside and called her but she couldnt hear her because of the music. PAt came back and said: " Have you noticed how sad she was?" Maite agreed: "yes, they are playing friends and I am fed up with this...we ll have to do something or she ll leave and they both will be so unhappy." Pat nodded and dialed PAddys number. PAtrick was just playing with Cathy and took out the mobile and accepted the call. Patricia told him that she saw Lorrie in the centre and she looked really bad. PAtrick already knew, a moment before he had a phone call form Lenka. The day before they were again talking together and Lorrie seemed to be really down and Lenka has decided to do something with it.She had his number because once Lorrie was calling from his mobile..so he picked up and she said: " I really cant look at it....Are you so silly or didnt I explain it properly to you?" He didnt understand so Lenka told him everything that they were talking with Lorrie, mainly about her feelings for him. He was staring but then understood and thanked her .He assured Lenka that he ll do something. He wanted to phone Tricia and she was just calling him that they saw Lorrie. PAddy asked: " COuld you please come here?" When they arrive, he doesnt say a word and runs into the town. He found her in a bar and he noticed that she has drunk about three vodkas. She saw him and instead of happiness she said: " You?..You were the one missing here..." she said ironically and drank another glass. She didnt notice him anymore and ordered another one. PAtrick was just staring and didnt understand anything, he knew that Lorrie doesnt drink and truly he has never seen her drinking and then he realised it and shouted at himself what a stupid idiot he was. He caught her hand but she shouted at him: " LEt me be, dont touch me at all and go to the hell.." He was really shocked, she has never said such strong words to him but then he took her hand, let the money on the table and despite her protests he took her home. He put her into the bed and thought about all what happened. He promised that he has to put everything in order in the morning....and he leaves to his bed.
Lorrie woke up in the morning, pretty early and wasnt feeling very good. SHe didnt remember a lot, just some pieces, but that all is enough to realise what has happened and how the situation messed up. SHe needed away, she packed her and Cathys things and wrote a message to PAtrick: " Dear Patrick, we are both ok but we are going back home...Lorrie" and they left his flat. In the bus she realised that in Prague all people will ask her what happened so she decided that she ll accept the invitation of Lenka, who was already back in the Czech republic and she hasnt used the invitation and she travelled to her to Brno. SHe just left the message at PAtricias phone that she doesnt have to worry that they both are alright and to greet everybody from her but she leaves home....
Chapter 6:
It was almost five in the morning when Lorrie called Lenkas number, she was still sleeping and looked at the number and picked it up immediartely when she saw Lorries number. She was glad that she might be calling because Patrick did something and she is calling her that they are a couple, so she picked up and said: " Hello?... " Lorrie excused: " I am really sorry to call you so soon..." Lenka stopped her: " It is ok..." Lorrie said: " You know, I m sitting in a bus and going home..." Lenka was shocked and was thinking about what that idiot has done again..." but she didnt say anything aloud, Lorrie asked: " COuldnt I coome to you for some time? " Lenka immediately agreed: " No problem, really, I am looking forward to that promised visit. Meanwhile PAtrick has woken up..iin a good mood because finally he has decided to tell Lorrie what he feels for her and he is sure that she ll feel the same... He decided to wake up Lorrie with breakfast, so he makes it and whistles some song. So he prepares it all and walks into her room. But the smile on his face is frozen. The room is empty, he put the plate with the breakfast on the table and heads to the bed. THere is the message for him where she wrote that when he finds this paper, they ll be sitting in the bus to Czech republic. HE shouldnt be angry but she really had to go. He was staring at it unbelievably and then runs to the room of Cathy who was also gone. It took him all the breath, he was looking around him and saying that it cannot be true, it must be just dream and no not now when he finally decided to tell her everything and saw the chance that everything will be alright again. He sat down and felt kind of weak, he put the head into the hands and didnt know what he should do, then he thought about Tricia, he held the phone in his hand to call her and then he changed his mind and he threw it on the bed, takes the coat and goes to her, he drives as crazy and so much knocks on the door. Tricia opens in the pyjamas and doesnt understand what happened, she is looking at him: " WHat happened?" Paddy screamed: " Is Lorrie here...?" She shoook her head: " NO, I thought that she lives at your place..." PAddy is desperate: " And dont you know where she is or anything about her?" He says..." PAtrick, please calm down and tell me what happened." Paddy sat down and told her what happened. HOw he found the empty room and the message.Trisha takes him in and is speechless. She looks at him: " what did you do to her this time:" Patrick just shrugged and started to explain that Lenka phoned him and what he told him...Trisha comments: " Thanks God,..." Then he continued as he found Lorrie drunk and he wanted to tell her everything in the morning and then he was silent and looked on the ground. Tricia was thinking and then she looked on the phone and she had a message in her mailbox. she turned it on and they both heard the message from Lorrie. " That is the end..." Paddy said unhappily: " I ll never find her...when she isnt at home, she could go wherever..." " No, it isnt as bad,..." Tricia tried to calm him: " think,,,,where could she be? to whom could she go?" He takes ouf his phone ans is calling. He calls to all her friends but nobody knows about her. After two hours he puts the phone away and is so sad.
Meanwhile Lorrie arrives to Brno where Lenka is waiting for her. They greet each other and then are heading into her flat. Lenka was so curious what has happened because it was a shock. She expected the news about the weeding and not the breaking up. But she waited untill Lorrie says it and after some time she started explaining what happened. Lenka was so silent and just listened. Lorrie wondered that she is speechless and asked her. But Lenka couldnt tell her that she phoned to PAtrick and he promised to make it alright again.....so she lied that nothing happened. They arrived home and enjoyed the days, they made trips, shoppings and tried to enjoy the days..Meanwhile in Cologne, Patrick was completely down, all tried to support him but he doesnt give up and thinks: " she couldnt fall to the ground... she said to Tricias phone that she is going to a friend. I have known her for so long and I have to find the one to whom she would go..."
After two weeks when he was searching for her, he had to prepare for the new concerts, he promised to print a file from his PC to Jimmy but he didnt do it, so he went home again to bring it. But his PC wasnt working again, he wanted to go back and tell Jimmy that is is broken but then he noticed that the PC is also in Lorries room. They were both connected so that it could work. He goes to her former room. He touches the handle and then becomes hesitating, he hasnt been in the room for almost two weeks..since when he found the room empty. But he doesnt want that Jimmy screams at him....then he turns on the PC and is searching for the file, but suddenly he can see a file on the screen.He doesnt recognise it, he stares at it and doesnt know that it would be his, so he opens it, and there is the text, he is looking at it and it doesnt give any sense. He thinks what that could be but he can see the word Patrick, that is the one word he can understand and it appears more often there...he is still wondering what it could be, he is curious and looks at the properties of the file and he can see that it is a part of some chat talk, and he watches it and gets it then. It is a part of Lorries talk with somebody..he cannot help and feels sorry that he doesnt know any Czech....he wonders that Lorrie would talk about him to somebody.But with whom? and then he finally understand and hits into the head of how silly he is. She must be at Lenka, they spent hours together at the net, and her phone call shows that she exactly knows what is happening. How could he forget about her? He is really such an idiot. He takes immediately his phone and tries to find her number, it isnt so long since she called him, and he gets a bit of hope back. He watches the list of the phone calls: " I have got it.." he screams and dials the number. but nobody picked it up, Lenka was in the morning at the exam and there she turned off the ringing and then they went to the ZOO and forgot the mobile but had it in the bag. PAtrick tried it once again but again nothing. He meanwhile arrived to the studio, gave Jimmy the file and touches the phone again and screams that nobody picked it up. All were watching him and didnt know what happened. He explaiend that he forgot that Lenka is her friend and that Lorrie must be there, he tried to call the number at least thirty times but nobody replies. Angelo asks: " You know who is that girl?" Paddy tells him the story with the phones and chats and talkings. Angelo asked: " I dont know, according to what you said., I dont think she would do it on purpose but maybe If Lorrie told her the past evening...well I dont know....do you know where she lives? or something? Surname?..." Patrick just shook his head. Maite said: " You know what...try on......maybe she just doesnt hear or doesnt have the mobile with her.." Paddy tries on but nothing..
In difference to him the girls had a really nice day, In the evening Lenka remained that she hasnt checked the mobile and looked at it, 50 missed calls...she was shocked and she couldnt pass the number to the right person. Then she looked at it once more and her head told her: " PAtrick..." She was looking at the phone and she didnt know if she shall call him back or not....or wait ...she was sure he ll call again.,...she d bet about it, Lorrie looked at her and noticed the look: " Did anything happen?" Lenka lied again that nothing. How she hated the lieing, but could she tell the truth? She hated PAtrick at the moment because again she had to lie because of him.They put away the phone and went to make the dinner, in ten minutes the phone began to ring, Lenka was surpised, Lorrie thought it will be PAtrick and wanted to take it.....but Lenka took it althought she had dirty hands, she disappeared with the phone in the next room. SHe looked at the display and of course it was PAddy.
it rang five times untill she decided to accept it: " Hello?" He started to shout: " Why didnt you take the phone...did you do it purposely?YOu know how I..." Lenka replied: "Good evening...I am really glad to hear you too..." She added ironically, she was angry about his tune.. He said: " Oh yeah, good evening..but why didnt you reply?"... he was screaming loudly at her....Lenka said: " YOu know what? She was losing the patience..I didnt do anything on purpose, I turned off the ringing because of the exam and forgot about it, so calm down please and dont scream at me..or I ll hang up and wont take it really...." Paddy calmed down and could hear that she really means it: " I am sorry, my nerves are almost down..." he started to excuse... She said : " Ok, so what do you need?" She asked even though she knew what he needs. Paddy asked: " Is Lorrie witrh you? I have been searching for her...but without success.." Lenka was silent, she didnt know what to say...he added: " SO she is right?" Lenka nodded: " Yes, she is..." Paddy seems to feel better: " I am glad, I ve been searching for her for three weeks..." Lenka says ironically: " So you did it finally.....what do you want from me? Why dont you call her..why me?" PAddy says: "YOu know why and dont say that you dont know..you re close and she must have told you everything...." Lenka wondered: " And whatr do you want from me:?" He smiled: " I wanted to ask if you didnt help me to get her back?" He finally said that and Lenka took a deep breath: " do you know what you want from me and into which position you put me? I have already had to lie because of you which I dont like..." Paddy stops her: " Please..I know that you dont like me..." Lenka laughed: " like?....well you hurt her and she is also very angry..." and she continued: " and I dont know if I really want to help..." PAddy vbecame scared: " how? wait..." Lenka said: " Look, PAtrick , you got so many chances and opportunities, do you remember? Also my call...andwhat did you do?...and then Lorrie is my friend, I dont want her to suffer...I am not sure whether you wont hurt her again.. and I am not talking about that you...." He added: " That I am your favourite..." She didnt believe whjat he said: " What please?" he explained: " Lorrie told me you are a Kelly fan.." SHe said: " that is true,,, but when I like Kellys that means I have to be a fool into you....? because all girls fall down in front of you..." He said: " no...but..." " Look," she said.:" I adore you as the musician, composer ...yes...you have got a gift but as a person...sorry..I never had a good opinion about you...I hoped that mayb....but you just confirmed it..." PAddy didnt know what to do.,..shall he persuade her? She doesnt like him much...
Lenka hoped that he wont give up and so she said: " Tell me...if...when I help you ..what is your plan:?" Paddy was amazed..." What are you gonna do?"Lenka asked... and he replied: "You know that I love her, and I know it, I have changed myslelf...I d ask her for forgiveness and one more chance and I d know her to stay with me forever and become my wife." Lenka just asked herself: " Will he do it or fail again?" and Paddy asked: "would you be willing to help me? WHy?" Lenka smiled: "this guy...that I dont have to see you doesnt mean that she....she loves you and you do love her.....so I hope at least.....and I told you ..it is my friend and I want her to be happy.....that is the most important...it isnt about me..." Paddy was still a bit in a shock...and she said: " Ok,. I ll help but I am not sure about the result..."He thanked her so much and she asked: " can you arrive? I dont get her into Cologne...." PAddy asked: " Ok, I ll manage here everything and when I ll arrive, I ll let you know....thanks again..." SHe smiled: " You know what..you know that you have for something... SOrry but I have to end...so let me know then..." and he hang up, Lenka said: " There is no way back...." and she went into the kitchen, where Lorrie has finished the dinner.
Paddy was excited and told it to his siblings.... He told them that he has to go to Brno and there he attempts to get Lorrie back....and he said that in moment he thought that everything is lost when she told him that she doesnt like him at all...but Kira finished: " But everything was ok then..."
MEanwhile he was preparing for the journey and tried to go as fast as he could. Lenka tried to talk to Lorrie about patrick and that she should give him one more chance,.,,,or to see him and talk to him and without success. Lorrie didnt want to listen about him. On one afternoon, a week after PAddys call they went to the city and went to the cafeteria for an ice cream and a drink.....Lenka took her into her favourite cafeteria which was part of one hotel in the round of BRno. When thexy finished the icecream, Lenka started to talk vabout him again. Lorrie didnt like it at all, they were discussing it.....in a hot way and they they fluenlty transfered into ENglish which happened to them very often and didnt suprise Lorrie and she continued in ENglish too.... Lenka tried to persuade her, to give him a chance, he might want to make it ok again and explain her the feelings ....so was begging for him... Lorrie was pretty angry, she didnt understand what happened, why is she so defending him and talks about him but she couldnt know that Lenka pormised it. They were almost arguing and when Lenka didnt stop, Lorrie was almost screaming: " Are you ok? Why are you still throwing him to me? are you obsessed with him? ... Itrhought you dont like him, so many years you tell me not to make illusion about him,,,that he is certainly a bastard and now? you have fallen in love...yes that is it....Lenka has fallen in love with PAtrick..." This was enough even for Lenka, she didnt expect this, such stupidity but she understood Lorrie, on her place she d behave same way, so she calmed down ,took a deep breath and continued...: " Look, Lorrie, this is a complete nonsense..." Lorrie shouted: " Nonsense:? I dont think so..." Lenka rpelied: " It is a nonsense and you know it...we know each other for years and you know my opinion about him.....and you know he seems to me sexy as the toilett desk and he is too small and he is as tall as me..maybe smaller and you know I love tall man.....and the main thing...my friend is in love with him completelyx.....or do you want to say that no?" Lenka said: "You know I am true...and tell me why are we speaking in Engloish...? " Lorrie calmed down and they talked again in Czehc. The rest of the talk was in normal...or at least in seemed to PAtrick who was eating there too,...because he didnt understand Czch,... He was thinknig: " Well, that is great...instead nof helping me she says such bullshit about me....I am not tall enought, not sexy...." His ego was a bit broken...
WHen trhey left, he took out the phone and dialed Lenkas number... She looked at the display and screamed: " wHat do you want? " it was all his mistake....Lorrie was surpised, who is she screaming to?" He replied: " Nice to hear you too..." Lenka excused and went to the side, she didnt want Lorrie to know that he was calling, tonight they had enought argument. She said: " wEll, I have got the right to be angry...Lorrie thinks I am in love with you..." Paddy laughed: " And not?.-..." She wondered: "What? What the bulshit you are talking about?" He said: " I know...I am sexy for you as......" and he told her everything that she said a moment ago... Lenka was shocked: " HOw.....how do you know that?" He was careful to say: " well, I didnt want to spy you,,, I just heard you...to the english part,,not then..." Lenka didnt undestand so he told her that he accomodatred int the hotel..and that they were sitting close to him in the caffeteria. She replied: " I am glad you were enojying yourself..." He said: " Not really...I know she doesnt wanrt to know a word abgout me....but I know one thing for sure..." Lenka asked: " WHat?" He said: " That Lorrie loves me..." Lenka couldnt believe her ears: " Didnt you know it before? Did you need this theatre...?" She thought how somebody can be so stupid.... He said: " Yes, I knew...after your call I got it.....before I thought I dont have a chance with her...how could she love me?"
Lenka said: " I also dont understand....." PAddy rpelied: " yes, I deserved it....but please tell me what shall I do? I can see it wont be so easy as I thought..." Lenka told him: " I odont know.....I have been trying for the whole week but you could hear it...Both were sad and Lenka added: " You know...please give her som time....meybe it doesnt seem so but today it was a success....give her some time....you can do sightseeing...Brno is a nice town and you ll see something...and Ill think of something..." He angreed: " you are right, we ll stay in touch......I ll call you.." And she gave him a few tips where to go..and then they good bye. Paddy returned into his hotel and Lorrie with Lenka went to take Cathy who was taken care of by Lenkas mum. One the evening the girls clarified their argument, both had the nerves on walk...ANother week passes and PAddy is talking to Lenka who told him every time that the right time hasnt come...and he needs to be patient. PAddy wasnt very excited but he agrees and doesnt come... THey started to talk togerther more and more and they started to become friends too. Lenka was still atempting to persuade Lorrie but she didnt succeeed. ANother week, Paddy is fed up and Lorrie with Lenka had another argument, afterwards Paddy called and he thinks that Lenka does it purposely, and laughs out to him...and screams to him and Lenka is screaming too. THey were screaming at each other and Lenka suddenly hung up and promised she would never pick it up whatever he does.....she is really angry at him.....she is trying to help him and he returns her this way....It is the end...
But after some time, when she calmed down, they realised what they both did and both want to call to the other...and excuse...
When PAddy takes the phone to excuse, she calls him and excused...SHe takes it: " I am sorry...." both say it altogether and laugh then...THey explained it all, and Lenka pomised to try it once again....
In the two weeks Lorrie started to think about it and realised how much she misses him.." and when Lenka is talking about him all the time and she cannot hold up without him,,,,when she is in the bed after another argument with Lenka, she decides to do something and she cannot live without him,,,he refuses all her pride ...but she needed to do something... She wonders: " Shall I phone him or just sms?" She doesnt know, she doesnt have power to talk to him, but what shall she write him? SHall she say how much she misses him and doesnt have a power to talk to him.... She wrote it and sent it.....It was kinda sms from her and Cathy, that they are greeting him... She didnt want to admitt it but she hoped that PAtrick would reply soon,,,and trhe best how much she loves her,,,,but it didnt happen, he didnt reply, not immediately, not in the hour, not in the evening and not on the other hand.....and that made her completely sad. ANd she was angry at herself: " SHe is sad because of him but she isnt worth of replying..." He had some troubles with the phone...and he could just phone and accept the calls....Lenka noticed that Lorrie is sad and silent and she then found out even the reason... Lenka was so much surprised when Lorrie told her...when Paddy was so much trying so that she would forgive him....and thinks: " What is he doing?" He cantbe normal...what is he doing again...? " And when Lorrie was at Cathys bed, she decided to call him. They greeted each other and Lenka asked if he got the sms, she wants to find out the situation, he told her that he needs a new one...that he can just accept calls and phone....no sms. Now it is all clear and Lenka was relieved because she was worried if he should do something bad....Then they were talking again, the main topic was Lorrie... and she can hear that he isnt very good on it and the situation seems to be pretty hard and decides to act....She says: " DOnt you want to come tomorrow for visit? " Patrick was really surprised, he didnt expect this.....he wants to know details if Lorrie changed her mind but Lenka didnt say a word, just told him the address and wanted him to come and hang up.... In the evening, when he was sleeping, his mobile beeped and he read the message in the sleep and deleted it...and on the other day he thought about it and he didnt know: " was it just a dream? or did she really send it?" he didnt know...he was thinking about it and then gave up it... He was still thinking what is Lenkas plan, what does she want to do? what does she want to do that he shall come there.....does she want to tell me that it is the end..that it doesnt have any sense, that he shall come back to Cologne....and the whole day he was very nervous.... The he was in front of the door of Lenkas flat... So he rang on the bell and waited. SOme girl opened the door, he thought it was Lenka, he hasnt seen her, in ht ecafeteria he heard them because he was sitting with the back to them and so did they.....she invited him in- FOr the first time they were stadning face to face so they introduced and greeted. Lenka asked him to sit down and she began explaining the situation. Patrick found out that she is somewhere with Cathy and that she doesnt know that Paddy will be here and it is possible that she ll be angry because she hates what Lenka just did. PAddy stared at her, he could expect it but still, when he saw how she is looking, she told him that nothing else could be done because Lorrie didnt agree to see him and she needed to do something because the situation was unbearable and Lenka needed to do something and being as a mediator between them wasnt anything easy, so she hopes that PAddy learned from it all and somehow solves it..and she wants to know the date of wedding.. she joked...¨and then they both heard the keys and Lorrie came into the kitchen and when she saw him, the smile on her face was over, Lorrie wanted to say something but Lenka stopped her: " DOnt worry, I ll take Cathy for walk...." SHe took the little one and left the flat...They were standing opposite to each other and none of them is almost breathing, so many things have happened...after such a long time.... She imagined the last evening and asked asked: "WHat are you doing here?" but PAtrick doesnt let to give up..not this time.... She asked: "Why now? " even her heart is beating like in the race: " He is here, just in front of me, and just because of me... " she cannot believe it...." she says aloud: " And where did you get...." and then she understand: " Lenka......all her calls, thoughts about PAtrick and she knew it..." PAddy agrees: " Yes, because I am here....I am thankful for her..." She said: how can oyu be sure what I feel to you..when you sae me last time.....I am ashamed of it,...I tried to get you out of my head and the result you know....how can you be sure that I feel something for you.." Lorrie is speechless,. SHe came to the window and looked outside...she felt she should strart screaming and get it all outside, how much he hurt her and then when they became friends she suffered because of the feeling that bound her and the feeling that she likes him more than a friend....she couldnt..Patrick watched her and wanted to go closer but he didnt dare.... sHe asked: " Hoe did you get here?the address? " Paddy felt so terribly: " when you left, I was searching almost all your friends I called and didnt know who to call and then remembered Lenka...." he said her all and Lorrie was sjurprised: " I thought that Lenka doesnt like you.,.it was weird that she defended herself ...how did you manage to persuade her?" Paddy sat down to the table and waved the hand: " Long history, so many arguments..." Lorrie wondered:" arguments?" PAddy said: " Yes....the whole time I have been here, I have been in contact with her...." Lorrie looked at her: "arguments? There were more of it?" so you are playing a commedy on me?" He tried to persuade: " No, that isnt true..." Lorrie wondered: " No? and what about the theatre and all the Lenkas secret talks when I naivly thought that she found somebody..." PAddy surprised:" Found?" She clarified: "Everytime the phone rang, she ran away to the next room and made secrets...I thought she has a new friend and I can see you were against me both..." PAddy looks at her: " It isnt true, you can shout at me but she isnt guilty for that...I persuaded her..." Lorrie ironically commented: " SO Paddy Kellys charm worker on Lenka?" he refused: " Come on, you know that it isnt true...it was such a big effort to persuade Lenka..." Lorrie didnt know what to say, she knew he was right and she said silently: " I wrote to you..." He saw that she was so uncertainl: " I know it will sound like a stupid sentence but you wont believe but my mobile has broken...I could just call....I didnt get any sms,,,just yesterday.." Lorrie wondered: " yesterday what?" He went on: " I have been almost sleeping and then the phone beeped and I read the message and stopped but in the mornign I thought that it was just a dream....and all I say was true..." Lorrie turned to him and she saw from his serious face that he deosnt make excuses but he speaks truth.. Paddy took a deep breath and when he see that Lorrie expects what he ll say,Paddy startsd:" It is all my mistake..I have known before that you dont feel ok in Cologne and I didnt do anything....for the whole time I thought that after that all you feel just nothing else than the hatred. When Maite and PAtty phoned that they saw you in the city Lenka called me and cleared my assumptions that you dont like me...and when you left on the morning, I didnt klnow what to do....I wanted to tell me the truth and when I came to your room , it was empty...She asked: " you have spoken to Lenka before?" PAddy just nodded and looked on the ground: " She has called me twice...always said that I am not just a friend for you and that I should do something and I didnt believe her..." Lorrie was shocked: "Twice? I must dream...you both made a pact against me..you have done a little to me right? wasnt it enough? and I stupid went with you gome...." She went around him and wanrted to leave..she was angry and also sorry because she knew that she is guilty too.,....if only she opened the mouth somewhere else than on the chat, where she can tell what she can feel and thing and she would never start the talk somewhere..that wasnt possible. She thought: " THat cant end well tonight..." It wasnt possible. SHe sat dwon on the chair and thought... PAtrick thought the same: " it cant end up so well..." jhe close the eyes and needed to ghet more power... She was sitting and looking into the corner of the room and thinks...After some time of silence she looked at him...but he was just silent....Lorrie was surpised:" What is Paddy doing?" Lorrie looked at him, he was just standing and trying to get a power, sometimes he closed the eyes and thought much more. Lorrie looked at him and she had variuous thoughts, one part tell her to catch him around the nect and the second one says never more. And decides to act, for the first time ...she cannot miss it again. PAtrick says: " I dont have a chance...I have lost her,,,," and his tear falls down....because he has closed eyes he doesnt know what is happening, he is just standing and thinking. Lorrie couldnt watch it anymore, she could recongnise when he was in trouble and didnt miss it even now... and she said that once she ll behave and listen to the other half..... she was saying that she should do something, she stands up and doesnt know what, she is so uncertain again ans siletnly says: " COme on, sont be scared...at least once in your life do the right thing..." PAtrick can hear the steps but because he has eyes full of tears and he doesnt want Lorrie to know that, he has them closed and still repeats: " I have really failed....I ll lose her and now she ll tell me to get out that she never wants to see me again..." Lorrie was still hesistating and persuading herself. She made a slow step, forward to him and is walking, she doesnt know what idea she had, the legs are walking by themselves and the few steps.... SHe came closer and suddenly her hand was rising up and touching his hand, he was completely shaking and then she could feel his touch which was becoming tighter and tighter. THat gave her strength and coursage and she looked into his face and Paddy opened his eyes and looked at her through the tears...
PAddy dried the tears into his leave and added: " you want to tell me that I shall leave right? That I shall go and let you be...? After all that I wouldnt be surprised...." Lorrie could feel how his voice was moving...she was still holding his hand.... and looking into his eyes.... PAddy thinks: " SO now she ll hug me for the last time and bye bye...she ll send me away....." and when he imagines that he ll go home alone, a tear falls down, Lorrie noticed that and raised the hand and wiped the tear...She cathces his other and and she doesnt know where the power has gone from, she says: " Sorry,,,," Paddy looked at her and she finished: " I did many mistakes too...just one word would be enough and everything could be completely different"...she wanted to continue but Paddy gave her the finger on his lips and whispered: " Ssshhh......you dont have to say anything...." Lorrie was losing all the power, she couldnt understand where they appeared but suddenly they were gone and she was standing in front of Patrick and she saw that he was slowly but uncertainly smiling and his eyes too...Lorrie didnt know what to say, she longed for his presence and suddenly she hugged him tight...
 Paddy was totally surpised, he expected everything, except this.....and he tried to relaise what happend, he was holding her hands and tried to smile and suddenly her hands were around his neck and she was holding him tightly....and suddenly he was sure that all what Lenka said was true...but he still said that he wont believe it untill he can hear or see it.... Lorrie still didnt know what she was doing, one part was telling her that she behaves like a fool but she decided to ignore in this time, she could feel PAddys hands around herself and her heard was on his shoulder and she was breathing his parfume... SHe had many thoughts in her head and she reminded the scene when theys were last time dancing together and he laughed out to her...She looked up and he wondered: " WHats up?" Lorrie didnt know how to say: " You know...I saw...as ..when we were like this last time..." Paddy said: " I dont like to remember that..." Lorrie continued: " YOu told me that you d get me anytime you want...is this also a part of your plan?................ Paddy looks at her scared and thinks: " Does Lorrie mean it really?" He replies: " NO, and you know that..." He looked her straight into the eyes...Lorrie was also watching in his eyes but then moved the look: " I dont know...." she whispered...PAddy became sad: " He tried to understand her...he knew he had done a lot to her but this mistrust hurt him....but he decided to act....He took her face into his hands and when she looked down to the ground, he made her to look at him, he kissed her on the forehead and began smiling: " BUt I am today somebody else...that one is gone and I promise he ll never come back.,...Can you believe me?" Lorrie was watching his every word and then she kissed him and added: " I do believe you...my love..." When they were kissing each other, none of them noticed that the door opened and Cathy ran in before Lenka could catch her and she was surprised when she saw them hugging. PAtrick noticed her the first, he let Lorrie and caught Cathy: " Come here, my little princess...I was missing you..." Cathy smiled and moved to Paddy too, he hugged her with one her and Lorrie with the other hand and they were finally together......................Lenka came in to the kitchen and when she saw them, she smiled with satisfaction...: " Finally..."
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