Les ariettes du Kelly Family

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Kelly Stories

School Affair I.




„Another boring day“, Lorrie came into the door of the class and threw the bag on the chair and looked around, she didnt see any familiar faces. She disappointedly sat down and took out her book out. She was really frightened of the class. It was a macroeconomics class and she wasnt really good at it and in addition to all she was told by a friend before the class that it´s been taught by a really strict professor so her anxiety wasnt even smaller. She shrugged and expected the beginning of the class.
 Meanwhile other people were also comming, she didnt pay attention to them. Then she was touched by a hand of somebody, she looked up and saw a nice smile of her favourite colleague Alison. „Hi, dear….how are you…I havent seen you for so long..“ Alison sat next to her and replied: „ I have been travelling throughout the States in the past semester but now I am back here…at least for a year…I have to get more courses done…“ Lorrie seemed to understand: „ that is true, I also have to to register more courses…..it is taking time and also money to be here…“ Alison moved closer to Lorrie and whispered: „ I heard the professor is really tough“… Lorrie agreed: „ Yes, I heard the same…and yet…it is macro…I had enough problems with micro and this will be complete failure for me…“ Alison waved the hand: „ You know, I dont believe you a word, …you always claim the same…“ Lorrie wanted to add something to defend herself but she saw the professor in the door and therefore remained silent.
He started his lecture and the girls had to listen to him…he began talking and Lorrie tried to write every word he said because she was as again afraid to fail and miss something. She really didnt feel comfortable about the subject…all those terms and new things seemed to confusing to her and she didnt know how to make herself concetrate a bit more. She still had the words in her head that have been moving inside: „ Something must happen….something must happen…“ And she even didnt realise the noise that somebody made who entered the room. All people began laughing and the professor made a comment: „ Dear colleague,,,next time you should try harder to be on time….“ All giggled again and that made Lorrie to wake up out of the micro sleep…she was glad nobody have noticed and didnt také care of the newly coming student who certainly sat down somewhere behind.
The class ended and both girls left immediately outside to comment it all……Alison was excited by the professor, she liked his explanation and Lorrie envied her the certainty and excitement. She was soo frightened of it and didnt know how she survives this class…..she really didnt have any troubles in other classes and therefore decided to spend a lot of free time in the library. And what she said, she also did. One day she met in the shopping centre her friend Dasa together with her husband. When she told them about her problems with macro, but Giulio, who is an economist offered her the help and managed to explain her everything she didnt understand…after the evening spent with the studying…a miracle happened and she comprehended it all.
She was soo happy from it all and thanked them all so much. In the evening, they all went to a party and danced till the morning. On another day, the macro class was here again. Lorrie listened to the professor and she also knew what he was talking about and didnt have to write every word….. this time she could feel Alison´s excitement too. But then at the end of the class the professor announced a midterm exam in three weeks. Both girls were surprised and formed together a study group and wanted to meet in the library during the weekend. But unfortunately on the thursday evening Lorrie had a phone call….: „ Hi?“ It was Alison… : „ Hi, Ili…I am sorry but I really cannot come tomorrow…I feel…so sick“ Lorrie listened to her voice: „ Yep, I understand, I can feel it from your voice…..rather stay in bed and drink the hot tee…“ Alison laughed: „ Yes, mum , I will…“ Both started to laugh and then ended up the call.
So in the morning Lorrie went alone to the library. She picked up the book and returned to the reading room. She chose a place and sat on the chair, she began to read and didnt také care about any noise around her.
Meanwhile the new student who had come late to the first class was Patrick Kelly. The reason why Lorrie hadnt noticed him untill now was that he was there only for the first class and he missed the two following ones because of the solo concerts he had planned before. It was clear to him that he would fail if he doesnt do anything proper with the economic stuff. He tried to learn it from the borrowed notes but he didnt have any idea what it is about… So he decided to go to the library to find some good book. The truth was that he didnt like studying so much but he had no other choice…He asked for some help of the librarian and she recommended him the economic book that was essential for the class. Paddy thanked her and went on to search for the book. But he didnt succeed. There was only one book available and that was the one that Lorrie had chosen to read and study from. He was angry at the moment for the school and also for himself because he had listened to his siblings to go to study there. But then thought of some solution.
He went back to the librarian and she adviced him to ask the girl who has borrowed it. He looked to where she has just pointed and there he saw a girl who was looking into the book and mummling some words and memorising some information. He hesitated whether he should go to ask her or not and wait untill she finishes. But he knew he didnt have much time and therefore decided to act. He came closer and silently whispered: „Excuse me…“
Lorrie was so much into the reading that she didnt notice somebody talking to her… she just attempted to memorise the stuff. Then she heard a cough and looked up and freezed….she seems pretty shocked but doesnt seem to let him know that she knows about who he is and pretends that nothing happened. Then she answers: „ …..Can I help you?“ He nodds and says: „ I am sorry to disturb you but I was told by the lady about some economic book and she recommended me to ask you if you could lend it to me for some time…“
While he was talking she tried to calm down because at the first moment she could see and recognise him. It was the man, she was always in love with and desired to meet him. Now he was stading just here in front of her and talking in his monologue…then he stopped and she realised that he doesnt talk anymore….She only remembered the last sentence when he asked: „Could you please borrow me the book?“ She thought but realised she didnt finish three more chapters: „I am really sorry, but I need the book. I havent read three more chapters…“
That made him sad he really needed the book and then he had an idea, he sat down on the chair next to her and added: „I would really need it… Could I ask when you have it done?“ Lorrie looked into the book and added: „In two days I ll have it all finished…“ Paddy smiled and asked: „Could you please bring it to me?“ She looked at him and agreed: „Ok…I ll be here on sunday morning if you want to….“ He surprisingly nodded and thanked: „It is very nice of you…I desperately need it for the midterm…“ Lorrie looked surprisingly…: „ Are you having macro too?“ He smiled : „ Unfortunately yes….and it is incredibly hard.“ Lorrie agreed: „ Yes, you are right, but due to my friend I managed to understand it and now it is easier to study…“ 
He just listens and then says: „ I have missed a few clases and if I fail, my sisters will laugh to me… It is too hard for me to understand it all immediately. It is too much stuff..“ Lorrie didnt know what to say… she could imagine Maite and Tricia having fun of him and felt a bit of compassion with him…Immediately she asked: „ I can help if you want to…“ Then she bit into the lip when she realised what she had done….and how could she come up to such stupid idea….
But his reaction was completely opposite He shined like a sun and agreed at the same moment: „ Yes….that would be soo nice of you…I would really need some kind of help with that..I am afraid.. I cant understand it by myself….“ She just looked and said: „ Ok, I ll be here tomorrow at nine in the morning so if you wish to come…“ Paddy assured her… : „ I ll be here. Thank you really, you saved me….“ Then he wants to leave and then asks: „ I know, it is a bit weird, but how shall I call you? My name is Patrick…“ Lorrie looks at him again and thinks about what to say..but then ther brain reacts and she says her name and shakes his offered hand. Then he finally says goodbye and leaves.
Lorrie didnt know what to say…..she was so surprised, shocked, and her head is completely crazy, it couldnt have been a dream and it was certainly the one Patrick Kelly she knew,….nobody else. He looked so nice, so sweet and she was afraid that he wouldnt recognise that she is his fan…..She tried to read more stuff but the head wasnt able to concentrate anymore…this experience was so strong that it took her all the thoughts about studying.
She leaves home and on the way back says to herself about the stupid idea..how could she make up something like that?such terrible situation….how shall she behave so that he doesnt recognise a word???She knew that it is gonna be very hard….When she came home, she decided to go through her notes so that she knows something in the morning and explains it to him pretty easily…. She kept it a secret, she didnt want anybody to let know that she knows him. Nobody would believe her.
In the morning she almost overslept, when she came to the library ten minutes after nine…she saw him sitting at the same table as on the day before and waiting for her. He waived to her when she quickly went to the library. She came closer and sat down opposite to him: „ I am really sorry, I didnt hear the alarm clock…“ He smiled: „ Dont worry, I am having similar problems very often…“ She agreed and looked at him…she didnt try to think about the fact that he looked really handsome and in the short hair he was really…..wonderful….She rather said: „ How can I help you?…What stuff dont you understand?“ Patrick just shrugged: „ The truth is that I dont understand it at all…..if you could start from the beginning…“Lorrie didnt say a word and then started to explain from the first chapter…..
Patrick always tries to ask her for something to learn more about her but without success. Lorrie is too afraid to talk to him because she could say something she doesnt want him to know and therefore she always returns the attention back to the economic issues. After the tenth attempt Patrick gives up and concentrates to what she is trying to say.
After a few hours she decides to stop and offers a break for coffee. Patrick stands up and goes to the next room to buy two coffees and she thanks him and is happy that she can be silent for a second. She just drinks up the coffee and listens to what he is saying: „ I am really grateful that you help me so much…I know it must be exhausting to repeat it all so many times…before I understand it all. And you certainly have a lots of other things to do than to waste the time with me here. But with your help I am having a chance not to fail in the exam and that is really important..“
She says: „ You dont have to thank me…I am glad if I can help…that is no problem.. and how do you like the school and the life here ?“ Patrick starts to talk and then they both realise that it has been almost the closing time of the library. Patrick asks: „ I wanted to ask, if you could come tomorrow…I ll understand if you dont want to…….maybe you are busy…“ Lorrie to his suprise replies positively: „ It is ok, I am free tomorrow…I ll be here..“ She says goodbye and leaves……
On the other day they finish up all the stuff that was necessary to know for the test and in the evening she wished him good luck and went back home. On monday they met in the class for the first time. Alison was there too, still sick but feeling better. She sat closer to Lorrie and asked: „ How did you meet this wonderful guy?“ Lorrie whispered: „ I ll tell you afterwards ok?“ And both girls sat to their tables to read on the text of the midterm exam….
On the evening after the exam girls went to the cafeteria and talked. Alison ordered two cups of coke and asked: „ And now…tell me, who is the guy?“ Lorrie smiled: „ Do you really want to know?“ Alison agreed: „ yes..come on tell me….“ Lorrie therefore silently said: „ It is Patrick Kelly..“ Alison didnt know..: „ Gosh, who is that? dont know the secret man…“ Lorrie said: „ he comes from the Kelly family…“ Alison wondered: „ Isnt it the guy you told me last semester that you are in love with?….“ Lorrie just nodded: „ Well, it is true, but please, I beg you for silence, he cant know what I am feeling for him and that I know who he is….I was helping him on the weekend.“ Alison surprisingly whistled…: „ You know, you can rely on me…..with everything..“ Lorrie just thanked……
After the holidays that the girls spent together ejoying winter in the mountains, they both returned to class and their first way went to macroeconomics class and Alison had to go to see another teacher, Lorrie went to class alone.
In the doors she had seen Patrick and greeted him, he smiled back and invited her to sit down on the chair next to him. He was talking about his free weekend and was curious about the girls week. Then the professor came in and handed out the papers. Lorrie looked at her paper and she saw the A grade. From her side she saw the smile on Patrick´s face which looked satisfied and she was glad that her help was useful. He got B- which was unbelievable when he studied just for two days.
She didnt know what to say but he replied: „ you have made a miracle..it is wonderful…thank you once more….“ She just listened because she liked what she heard…He was talking all the time and then the professor asked the students for patience…. Paddy became silent but managed to whisper to Lorrie: „ would you accept my invitation for a dinner tonight? I d like to thank you for your time…“ She just nodded, but if he only knew how much her heart was jumping part of shock and part of happiness…..
They became really good friends, she was often helping him with the stuff, but although they talked a lot, they never talked about anything that could concern the job that Paddy does or the notion that Lorrie knows who he is. They understood each other so well and often lead really controversial discussion also in class with each other.
But Lorrie felt that it isnt right, just to pretend that she doesnt know anything and felt like that she had to tell him the truth. She knew that she was risking their friendship but was prepared to wait for his decision what he thinks about them.
One evening when they were sitting in a club listening to music and having dinner, they were again discussing some point. They didnt seem to find a common position and Lorrie suddenly said: „ OK, Patrick, you win this time..I dont know what to say more to it…“ Patrick looked victoriously.. : „ wow, I am not used to that you would give up a discussion, you always seem to be more passionate about it than me…“ She looked into her plate and didnt know what to say. She took up a deep breath and said: „ I have something to tell you…“ He listened with interest: „ So.. come on, I am listening…“ She just silently nodded and said: „ Well..the truth is that I know who you are…..and in fact…I like the music of your family and you……I have liked it before I met you. …….now you can think anything of me……I apologise that I didnt tell the truth…she finishes the sentence and stops talking and looks on her hands and expects his reaction.
But he just drinks water of the glas and replies: „ I knew it….“ She wonders: „ knew it?“ He nodds : „yes, when I first talked to you, I saw the little sparkle in the eyes, and the way how you tried to hide your suprise….but dont worry…I appreciate that you arent hysterical or any crazy fan and btw. I am grateful for all how help me at school. I would have real problems without you…and….I waited untill you say it….“ And then he starts to talk as usually and they are discussing the playing music. But Lorrie felt such a kind of relief, she was really so afraid he would be so angry and finished their friendship. On that night they firstly started to talk about things that used to be secret that she even didnt dare to ever ask him and now he was normally replying and making jokes. The atmosphere between them was absolutely clear.
The semester was running so fast and now there were the whole two months of holidays and the two friends had to say goodbye. But he promised that they would stay in touch. Patrick was planning to go to Ireland to relax and Lorrie remained home and worked in the school as receptionist. She hasnt heard of him for the whole two months.
But during the holidays he hasnt called even once and she didnt want to be the first to call…………………….
 The end of part 1.
Part 2
The two months have passed and Lorrie hasn´t heard a word about Patrick. That made her sad, she believed his words in which he promised to call every week and till the end of the holidays he hasnt called even once. Her work at school has just ended and she had three more free days to spend before the beginning of the school, she was watching the TV and enojying herself. She still hoped that he would even call or left a message, but nothing happened. Then on the last evening she was thinking about how she shall behave to him. She knew it is gonna be very hard. How could she belive him when he wasnt able to fufill any basic promise such as let her know how he is or anything….
On the following morning she had a literature class. She was sitting on the chair, taking notes and still hesitating her behavior to Paddy. The next class, the sociology, they were supposed to have together. They had planned it before and she was really nervous about it. When the previous class was over she quickly walked into the next classroom with the hope that he might already be there. But nobody has arrived yet, and that made her sad. People started coming but no Paddy among them.
The professor came and the lesson started. She was so disappointed, she wanted to see him so much, she desired to tell him so many things and wished some nice discussions again but the man maybe didnt have any interest to appear at school again. She began listen to the lecture but still the thoughts about Patrick were cursing in her head. After the lesson ended, she went home and sadly watched the news on the internet.
A week passed by and she hasnt even expected him to come. He could have gone to different university where he woldnt be disturbed by no Kelly fan either. What was her surprise when she was sitting in the class and not expecting anyone and he came into the room. Her heart began to beat and she wished to hug him and laugh, she looked at him surprisingly and said: „ Hi, Patrick…“ He just looked at her and coldly answered: „ Hi, nice to see you…..“, he said. Lorrie could have noticed his change, this wasnt the old Patrick. This was somebody who was in anything else than just in a good mood. That made her feel more sad. She was too glad when she saw him again and this made her feel more depressed again. He hasnt spoken to her during the class and that was what he had usually done before and just silently stared into the notes. When the class was over, she stood up and said: „ Bye, Paddy, I need to go home, I have got some important task to do.“ He just nodded and didnt say a word. During the week the met a few times in class and he didnt change, just maybe a bit in a way that he tried to talk to her a bit and it made her feel better.
She started to help him with the school stuff again, he had some concerts in plan and therefore he needed her to lend him notes, explain some issues or make a presentation. She was hoping that she is helping him this way and therefore prepared some these things for him.
But something in Patrick changed. It wasnt the old man, she used to know, this was somebody else. He had a terrible experience from the holidays and didnt tell anybody a word. He didnt want to come back to school but his sister Patricia forced him to. So he did, but he met there Lorrie and it reminded him that he hasnt called her at once. She must have been pretty angry with him but didnt let it be visible. He has almost forgotten about her during the holidays, he regarded her as one of his fans and this way he also started to treat her.
Lorrie could see all the change in his behavior, sometimes she thought that he wants her only to serve him that she ll do all the school work for him. But on the other hand, she was really glad to have him close to her, because she actually liked him, but her feelings were much stronger in many ways but she just wasnt feeling like telling him a word about them. One afternoon, she was at home, talking to her new friend from the internet, Lenka, and she got a message : „ Hi, Do you study for the sociology exam? I would need to ask you for a few things.. Do ya think we could meet?“THX P.“ She read it and was glad that she could meet him again. She excused to her friend on the net, took the book and went on a way to Patrick´s flat.
She rang on the bell and he opened her again. They greeted each other and Paddy invited her to the living room and they started to talk about the terms that were necessary to know for the exam. Lorrie began explaining and he asked many questions about it. They were talking and discussing it and he was behaving so nicely, all the coldness has disappeared and she could recognise the man, the one she used to know before the holidays and the man , she also fell in love with and admired so much. They were studying together and she didnt notice how late it was, it was almost midnight. Paddy offered her that she may sleep in the living room and she accepted it. She just sent an sms home that she would come in the next morning.
He prepared nice dinner and invited her to the table, everything looked so perfect, he was so sweet, so admirable, he was talking about his family and she listened and smiled. They finished the dinner and sat on the sofa to watch TV. It was a romantic movie and she watched it and really liked. Suddenly she could feel his hand around her shoulder and she surprisingly looked at him. He just smiled, gave her his finger on the mouth and then he kissed her. She was like senseless, it all was so perfect, so romantic, it had all she has ever dreamed of and when he wanted more, she didnt defend herself but helped him with everything he was doing…….They spent wonderful romantic night together.
In the morning, when she woke up, he wasnt already there. She put on the clothes and left home. She couldnt believe it, she was so amazed by the night with Paddy and expected that they have already become a couple. But after some time these thoughts were over. „You stupid person, how can you think something like this, it was only one night stand and it certainly didnt mean anything.“ These two sentences were fighting inside her and she was waiting about his reaction. She didnt know what to do, she just wished that he wouldnt refuse her and love her too as much as she does. But in this moment just just didnt how what Patrick thinks about it all.
On the next morning when she came to school, he came too, but he started to ignore her, he even didnt say hello to her and it all made her so sad. She was sitting at class and felt so humiliated. How could he just use her? She thought it was real, they knew each other for some time and she would never expect anyhing like that from him.She asked him once: „ What is going on, Patrick?“ He replied: „ Nothing, I just dont want to play your nice good friend…leave me alone…“ This made her complete shock. She hasnt expected anyting like that. She cried many nights because of this and then she started to avoid him and communicate at all. She was neither willing to talk to him anymore and nor to help him with school at all.And there was one more reason she had for it and didnt tell it anybody else…
 After two weeks Alison met her in the town centre and Lorrie was so glad to see her. This girl knew always the newest rumours and started even now: „ Hey, Lorrie, I have got some info about Paddy…“ Lorrie turned down and didnt want to listen but Alison didnt know about them so she started to talk: „ Could you imagine, last week there was a party and he was flirting there with almost every girl present and changing them like socks….“ Lorrie sat down and cried: „ I know….“ Alison noticed that and asked: „ Dear, dont cry, and tell me instead, what has happened…..“ Lorrie looked at her and said: „ I know that, I was one of them, it happened a month ago and now I am pregnant…..“ Alison wondered: „ but this isnt worth crying, it is a wonderful news, you are gonna have a sweet baby who cannot do anything with the fact that the father is so cruel.“ Lorrie cried on and Alison didnt know how to make her stop. Lorrie told her: „ My friend Dasa and her husband are having a huge flat and are searching a tenant so I asked them and they agreed, so now I ll be living with them.“ Alison smiled: „ that is great news, I know Dasa, she is a right friend, they ll help you if you need anything,,,,,,,,and in any case, you have got me….I am willing to help….anytime..“ Lorrie laughed and said: „ Thank you, Alison, you are a true friend, thanks….“ She stood up and went home to finish everything with the moving.
She got a new nice room which she furnished with her things and everything. She liked the living there, on the weekend they often went to various trips and she enjoyed it really much. She was grateful them for all. Meanewhile she noticed that Patrick stopped at school again, it was therefore easier for her. She threw away all the Kelly stuff and kept just the CDs and VHSs. She didnt have to think about that at least. 
On one day they all had planned a common trip to Munich. They wanted to do some shopping. Lorrie was already in the fifth month and liked to change the environment. Lorrie and Dasa were just coming out of the shop and Guilio, Dasa ´s husband was waiting for them in front of the shop. When they came out, the girls were showing him what they have just chosen.
He smiled and Lorrie suddenly heard somebody calling her name. She turned around and saw a girl with long hair smiling at her…: „ So you are Lorrie, I knew I was right….“ Lorrie looked at the girl and she realised that it was Kira. She knew her from the pix on the internet. She smiled back: „ Arent you Kira?“ She just nodded luckily and said: „ I had seen the pictures of Patrick and I thought it was you and I was right…Nice to meet you then…“ and Lorrie, partly still in shock, shook her hand. Kira said: „ I saw you on the pix and I was thinking if it was you and I was right. You know what….The family is giving a concert tonight here in Munich, dont you want to go and meet the family?“ Lorrie immediately refused: „ No, thank you, but we are really busy.“ Kira understood and hugged her: „ Wow, you are pregnant? Do you know what it will be?“ Lorrie replied: „yes, it is gonna be a girl..I am really sorry but we have to go…“
They wanted to leave but then they heard another girl voice…: „ Please stop!“, they turned around and Lorrie recognised Maite who was calling them. They remained standing and Maite hugged Lorrie and began talking: „ It is so nice that you are pregnant, you must be soo happy….and you must definitely come with us to see the concert….and no excuses are accepted….“ She was so speaking so fast and nicely and Lorrie liked what she was saying, she was so nice and spontanious, although she hasnt known her before, she regarded Lorrie as a friend…
Lorrie and Dasa didnt want to go but Giulio said that they could go just for a minute. Girls looked at him with an angry look but he said: „ Nothing can be done, you can see that Maite doesnt let us go…“ Maite laughed: „ Yes, the guy is right..“ So they all went on the way to the rest of the family. They are going to the hotel, Dasa is talking to Lorrie in Czech and they both are white in faces because they dont know how it is gonna be, but Giulio huggs Lorrie and says that everything is gonna be alright. This made Maite and Kira think that he is her husband. They went with the elevator to the room where the rest of the family were already practising the new songs and Maite shouted: „ Hey, look, who we have appeared in the town when shopping?“ She turned to Patrick and added: „ your friend and her husband and their friend…“
Lorrie was completely frozen, she didnt know what to do, but Guilio appeared to be the man on the right place and saved the situation. He hugged Lorrie and moved her closer to him and smiled on her. Patrick became also white in face and nobody knew what to say. Dasa looked at Giulio and with look she thanked him for saving the situation. Patricia asked: „Do you wish to see the concert? It would be nice…“ Lorrie strictly refuses and on Paddy is visible a terrible relief. But Giulio saw that and it makes him angry and therefore he says:“ But, darling, I know how important it is for you to see the concert so I think we might stay…I ll cancel tomorrow´s meetings“ All in the room except one said how sweet it is from him. But Lorrie replied: „ Oh love, you cant do it, I know how significant it is for you tomorrow..“ But he says back: „ NO, nothing is more important than you and I know how you like their music and I wish you to be happy…“ Lorrie wanted to add something but he stopped her and said: „ NO comment, we ll stay..“
Meanwhile Dasa watched Patrick, how white he was, watching the scene and giggled in her mind. He had to sit down, then Lorrie gave to Giulio a soft kiss and thanked him. Patrick just close his eyes and felt terrible. The girls are talking about the backstage passes and Patrick is outside, he doesnt participate in the conversation. They got also the keys to rooms in hotel so Lorrie goes to hers and leaves the marriage appartment for Dasa and Guilio. She is so thankful to them for all. They were walking on the corridor just the three of them and Lorrie asked: „ Could you tell me what should that mean?“Giulio smiled and said : „ When I saw that idiot, I got this idea…Did you see his face when he relieved that we are leaving? When I saw this I decided that it cant be so easy for him“.. And all of them began laughing. Dasa added: „ He was white as a stulk when he saw you, but he deserves it for all he had done to you…“
They went for the concert and liked it a lot. Afterwards there is a big party and all people are having fun except for Patrick…and when there is time to say goodbye, Jimmy gets a brilliant idea. He asked the three if they like to have a small holidays and to travell with them for the rest of the week. They are having a few shows in the surroundings and they could stay. They first refuse but Kellys still continue on persuading and after a long time when both Dasa and Giulio are watching Paddy´s reactions, they finally surrender and decide to stay in with them. Almost all Kellys were happy from the decision. The fun was going on and all liked the evening a lot. When it was time to go to bed, Lorrie said good bye to all and planned to go because she felt pretty tired. Dasa and Giulio decided to go too.
But Patrick suddenly stopped her and asked if she coud go with him to talk. She agreed and they went into another room that was close to the toilett. Dasa and Giulion asked whether they shall go with Lorrie but she begged them to wait with the other Kellys in front of the restaurant. They agreed and left them. Lorrie waited and Patrick started to scream: „ What should it be? What do you think? Why are you still following me? I have already told you that it is the end….cant you understand it or how shall I explain you better? I dont want to be your friend not at all…..“ She just replied: „ What do you think about yourself? You are a fool if you think that it was because of you. It was just incidence.. I never wanted to see you anymore.. and you must be crazy if you think that I would want to be a friend of yours or in any other relationship with you..These times are over and I dont understand how I could waste so much time with such an egoist and idiot.“
Patrick was crazy: „ SO you think I am an idiot. Who do you think you are? I am somebody and you are nothing. Million of others would be in the seventh heaven.“ She sits down: „ Maybe, but I am not the others…maybe just till the moment when they would find out what a jerk you really are.“ He was really upset by what he heard. Dasa and her husband watched it from outside and Dasa wanted to go inside but he held her because the two inside have many things to talk.
Patrick became completely upset, he was really angry but then suddenly he became icely cold and said: „ Fine, if you think this about me, than it is your own problem…but I am having an idea…does your sweet italian husband know that you betrayed him?“ Lorrie looked at him: „ What???“ Patrick replies with cold smile: „ Does he know that you went to bed with somebody else when you were dating? Dont look at me like this…you know what I mean….“ She said: „ No , I dont. How do you dare?“ Patrick looked at her with the most cruel smile she has ever seen: „ The girl has forgotten that she went to bed with me? And have you told him? Because then I would tell him to bring more excitement into your loveful relationship…maybe he would like to know that the bastard in here may not be his at all…as you can see I can count…“ She is white as the wall and when she takes the breath, she says: „ You would do that? Would you tell him that we slept together? Do you really mean it? According to your face I can see that you would. I just dont understand how can somebody fall down so much and be such jerk. And you think so much about yourself. And Remember one thing, Michael Patrick Kelly, that what happened, was my greatest mistake and I would give everything to erase it.!!!!“ 
With those words Patrick run out of the restaurant and Dasa run in followed by her husband. Lorrie cried on the chair and she told them all what he had told her: „ He thinks you are my husband and he threatened he would tell you everything“ „he is such a bastard..“, Dasa said and continued: „ He doesnt know that he is my husband…“ Then Lorrie said: „ I am sorry but I cant stay here, I have to go home…“ They both agreed but then they heard a noise of a handle from the toilette and there they could see Maite who was completely white and asked: „is it all true?“ Lorrie looked at her with eyes full of tears..: „ As you can see, it is all true…“ She huggs her and says: „ I am really so sorry for him…..believe me….“ Lorrie holds her and cries more: „ I know, thank you…“ Maite sat down to the table and asked: „ So the child is Paddys and Dasa is the wife of Giulio, right?“ They all agreed and decided to tell Maite that they want to leave. She understood and then helped them to pack the things. When they were leaving she hugged them and said to Lorrie: „ I ll help you…I ll call you next week and we ll talk about it more. You need your own flat. And I ll find you something…“ Lorrie was already so weak from it so she just thanked… They all said goodbye and left.
Maite phoned in three days and then she phoned almost every three days, she arrived to Prague and found a nice flat for Lorrie where she would live after the birth of the child. Finally the three months were over and the baby was born. She got the name Catherine Maite and her aunt arrived to Lorrie. She was so excited about her little niece and she was playing with her all the time. She claimed that she has a typical Kelly nose. Then she stopped, realised what she has said and excused: „ I am sorry, Lorrie, I really didnt want to…“ but she waves her hand: „ Doesnt matter, let it be,it is OK.“ Maite asked: „ And dont you want to change your opinion?The others would love to know their little niece..“ Lorrie adds: „ Not all, and I dont want to.. he ll never know that he is the father..and you promised it…“ Maite replied: „I know and I ll fulfill my promise…“ and then then she turns to her niece and whispers: „ You are such a sweet baby, look what the aunt has brought you.“ And she pulls out of the bed a teddy and shows it to Catherine..“ Maite helps her to move into a new flat but after a few days she has to go back.
Maite fulfilled the promise and nobody of the Kellys learned about Catherine, another six months passed by and Kellys were having a celelbration of Patricia´s birthday. All Kellys were invited for a large celebration and Luke was pretty naughty that afternoon. He was putting everybodys shoelaces together when they didnt watch and then they couldnt move. And he did this also to his uncle Paddy. When Patrick wanted to stand up and bring a cup of tea, he found out that he couldnt move. He noticed that all people were laughing and Luke was smiling so innocently. That made him angry and he started to scream on Joey.: „ If I was a parent, my child wouldnt do such things..you should také care of him better…“ The whole family gets into the arguement. Patrick is the most angry at all and Maite cannot hold it up and screams up: „ You idiot, you are already a father…you have got an amazing daughter..“ Then she stops and catches her mouth…what did she do?..She promised to be silent…but all people in the room noticed, Paddy has got a daughter? How is it possible? Then Kira asked: „ Did you sleep with Lorrie?I…I just ..I am not surprised that she didnt want to meet you, I had to persuade her so much,,,to meet the others, I ,the fool , thought, that you would like to meet a friend, you told us so many things about her..“ and Maite continued: „ Well, if only he just slept with her, but worse is what he wanted to do to her..tell them you…“ Paddy doesnt know what he should do so she goes on: „ if you dont remember, I ll remind you, your show in the restaurant where you threatened to tell it to her husband and btw it isnt her husband but Dasa´s husband….you wanted to tell her husband that she slept with you and I am going to cite you…that the bastard that she is having doesnt have to be his…that you can count…“
Patrick gets white and attacks Maite: „ Ok, so the bitch has made it up..so you believe her…“ Maite gets more angry: „ How do you dare to call her bitch, I have been there and heard everything.“ All are crazy: „ SO the Italian isnt her husband?“ Maite refuses: „ Nop, he is the husband of her friend..we thought they are married and so they let us think it….and then turns to Patrick: „ What have you done? She used to be your friend and you threaten her this way and then the child….“ Patrick defends himself: „ The child isnt mine..“ Maite: „ Yes, it is „ Patrick: „ NO, it isnt…“, Maite: „ Yes, it is…..“ Paddy: „ no, it isnt, she said to me that I think too much about me , that I am not the father…“ And Maite screamed at him: „ And what should she tell you? After what you did to her, how you behaved, threatened her? I am not surprised she denied it…“
Patricia involves into the arguement: „ And, Maite, how do you know it all? You seem to be very informed?“ Maite sits back on the chair and says: „ I have known it since the thing in the restaurant and I had to promise I wont say a word, which I didnt fulfill….she didnt want Patrick ever find out that he is the father. The daughter is absolutely amazing…“ All except Paddy are surpised and Maite continued: „ I had seen her, I have been in contact with Lorrie all the time and I have visited them in the hospital.“ Most of the people ask and they want to know the details about the new member of the family and Patrick says: „ I dont believe it is my child, she want just my fame or my money and I wont legitimate the child !“
All then walk into their houses and Maite walks with her boyfriend and is silence everywhere. Her boyfriend says: „ I think you should call Lorrie and tell her what has happened..before something else happens…..you could see…“ Maite says: „ Yes, I know, but I dont dare…I gave a promise and broke it with the first arguement. Lorrie wont forgive me…and mainly that Patrick knows it……did you notice what he said? I dont understand what happened with him…“ Her friend advised her: „ Let him be, he ll solve it by himself..he cannot run away from it. Maite agreed: „ yes, but how shall I not involve when it is my family and the little one cannot fight for herself….I just cant give my hands away…I have to call Lorrie..“
She took out a phone and phones Lorrie´s number: „ Hi, here is Maite…“ Lorrie smiled: „ hi Maite, how are you ? I am glad you call, you know it always makes me happy.“ But Maite became sad: „ You know, I have something to tell you…“ Lorrie could feel from her voice that something happened. Maite went on: „ I know, maybe you ll hate me, but i didnt want it…“Lorrie said: „ Come on ,Maite, what happened?“ Then she thought of something what she scared so much: „ Please, dont tell me that you…“ Maite said just: „yes, I dont know how it could happen“ Lorrie became sad: „ Who else knows it?“ Maite replied: „ All…I am really sorry…“ Lorrie was really unhappy from what she heard, she had the feeling as if the whole world broke apart…She asked: „ Even…“ Maite added: „ yes, Paddy knows it too…“ Lorrie said: „ Maite, how could you, you promised not to tell anybody…“ She cries and Maite can hear it and feels so sorry: „ You know we had a family celebration and we had an arguement with Patrick and as I was angry I threw it into his face..If only I could také back the moment..I know that you maybe hate me but could you please forgive me?“,beggs Maite. Lorrie just nodds and says: „ NO, it isnt true, that I hate you, I just…my nightmare was fulfilled, but it had to happen sooner or later..but not so late..“ Maite said: „maybe it isnt as bad as you think….all are excited from the girl and look forward to seeing her..“ Lorrie doubts: „ All?“ Maite remains silent and Lorrie is sad: „ So, not all…please tell me his reaction and please tell me the truth..whatever it is…I need to know it..“
Maite takes a deep breath and just for herself said: „ I cannot tell her the truth what Patrick has said about the little one…that would destroy her“ Then she realised that Lorrie is waiting for an answer so she starts carefully: „ well, you know him, just…hm“ Lorrie is sure that he wasnt very happy and she remembers the last talk with him and adds: „ You know what? Dont tell me anything..I dont want to know…it isnt my problem, as I said, the little one is just mine and he doesnt have the right to her.“ Maite asked: „ Have you thought about it well?it is about the little baby..“ Lorrie answered: „ Yes, I thought about it, she doesnt have a father and no comment…..but you are always welcome here, you know…“, she added with a calm voice again. Maite asks again: „ And what about the others? They would be so happy about the baby and they would so much love to see their little niece, will you let them see her? She ll have many nice uncles and aunts who ll love her and fill everything she wishes….“ Lorrie dounted: „ Dont know if it is a good idea, you know…“ Maite beggs: „ Please, please..“ Lorrie finally agrees: „ Ok, but I have got one condition..never, ever Patrick, I dont want to see him…..anymore…he cannot get to the little one and I dont want to hear about him… do you understand me?“ Maite is happy: „ Ok, I agree…it is great, wait when the others will get to know about that…They ll be so lucky and one question…when can we visit you?…no, I have got a better idea…when can you come to Cologne even with Catherine…because our family has many members…and all want to see her…“ Lorrie still doubts about it: „ I dont think it is a good idea..“ Maite offers: „ You can stay in my house…you dont have to worry, you wont meet Paddy at all…I promise…please, please…“ Lorrie is hesitating, then closes the eyes and says: „ OK, I ll come.“
Maite is completely excited and Lorrie is just saying that she ll regret this decision one day.Then they talk about the details of the arrival and then Maite says good bye and hangs up. She looks happy and turns to her boyfriend: „ She ll arrive, that is perfect..“He is just smiling and Maite screams: „ I have to tell the nes to the others..“ and she wants to click on Patricia´s number and dial it. But her friend stops her and says: „ Dont you want to postpone it on tomorrow, tonight it is pretty late.“ Maite checks her watch and replies: „ You are right, it si late, I ll tell them tomorrow, they re gonna be so happy….“
Part 3
Lorrie didnt know what to do. She opened the door and came in carrying Cathy on one hand and the bag on the other one. She was really glad that the wekk wsas over. She agreed and visited Maite in her flat in Cologne. She met almost all memebrs of her family and she liked them all. They were talking all the time and she noticed how much all the Kellys liked Catherine. The whole week she was shaking with fear so that she wouldnt meet Patrick, but Maite, aware of what she didnt fulfill last time, she made it clear and tried to avoid situations where they two could meet. The week was over and finally there was time to leave. Maite was pretty sad and wished her little niece to have near all the time, and therefore she promised to arrive soon again. Lorrie was really happy, she gained a new whole family of people who seemed to accept her and love Cathy. On the last day, Maite went with them to the bus station and waved untill the bus has disappeared from the road.
She was really glad to be at home again. She liked her own flat, she made a wonderful room for Cathy which was right next to herbedroom. Maite was phoning every day to know how they are and Lorrie realised that she has about four more days before the semester starts again. She took a few classes and was looking forward to see her friends again. Dasa has already finished the school and she moved with her husband to Italy but there was still Alison and also other people.
She found a nice baby sitter to watch for Cathy and they also became better friends with Lenka. One evening when they were discussing the various issues again and she asked: „ Why are you always so sad when it comes to topic Patrick…“ Lorrie didnt know what to say: „ Well, it isnt true… Iam not sad….“ But Lenka knew her a bit of time and knew she was lieing: „ Truth please, dont lie….“ Lorrie became more depressed: „ I cant…“ Lenka wondered: „ Why? What has happened?“ Lorrie took a dep breath and said: „ You will be shocked…“ Lenka asked her: „ Tell me straight and dont make other ways……Just tell it“ Lorrie agreed and wrote there everything she had on her heart….. She explained their story from the beginning. Then she stopped and she could see one word on the screen: „ BASTARD….“ Lorrie had to laugh: „ We have got the same opinion….“ They were talking about it and they talked about him. They were wondering why he did that all but couldnt find a decision.
On the next morning Lorrie went to class. She was walking on Kampa ( one of the Prague islands) and it was the shortest way to school from her flat. She was really looking forward to Alison. But what she didnt know that when Patricia met Lorrie and also her niece Cathy, she became really angry with Patrick. She shouted pretty often on him and wanted him to finish the school he has started. He tried to fight but knew that he had no chance against his sister. So he packed the things and flew to Prague. He went to register a few courses and was hoping that he wont meet her again.
The first class was Politics. Lorrie sat down on the chair and greeted Alison. Her friend wanted to know everything about Cathy. Lorrie showed her pix that were made by Maite in Cologne and Alison supported her to go on. Then she made a bad smile and said: „ Dont turn around…The monster is coming..“ Then she noticed Lorrie´s sad smile: „ No, please, dont tell me that….“ She put her head into the hands..“ but Alison didnt reply, just whispered: „ yes, it is him…dont notice him….he is the wind…he is nothing….just an insect…“ Lorrie started to laugh: “ great, if only I could just walk on it….“ She sent the sms to Lenka about it and got the similar answer and that gave her power to go on. But before she could say a word, the psychology class began and she concentrated on it because she really liked the this professor´s lectures. She knew him from summer when they were often talking when she was working at the reception. She rather remained silent just listened. Finally there was a break and they both left into the corridor to walk and talk about him.
Then Alison came back and brought her a bottle of juice. They are watching people and Lorrie says: „ We have got handsome guys in the class, dont you think?“ Alison agrees: „ Yep, we have. I like the look of Patrick…but I know he is yours…“ Lorrie looks at her with surprise:“ Yes, he is handsome, but that is all. I havent met a worse guy…The guy does anything possible to get from you anything he needs and then kicks you away like a dirty towel…aned I forgot that first he gets you to the bed and finally then he kicks you away…he is so good at it. He used to be ok, but then he changed into the greatest bastard I have ever met..“ Shre ends up and smiles: „ Shall we go to the class?“ Alison agrees and when they are walking in she adds: „ Do you know that he was standing two metres from you carefully listening to all you were saying about him?“ Lorrie just giggled: „ Well, that is a shame I didnt know that, because then I would say something worse yet so that he would enjoy it .“ Alison commented: „ He was pretty surprised from what he heard. I had hard time to pretend I cant see him…“ Lorrie laughs: „ Was he really angry?Oh I am sorry, next time I ll say something special just for him.“
On the following morning she chose a comparative religion class, Lorrie came out of the house pretty early, because the baby sitter has already arrived and she wanted to buy breakfast and have a nice meal just for herself without stress. She bought some cereals with youghurt and happily entered into the class and what was her surprise when she saw Patrick. She firstly hesitated what to do but then she walked in and said: „ You are so impatient for this class?“ Patrick giggled with a cold smile: „ Well, but your presence in this class is just an incident,…“ She just frowned and said: „ You know what, Patrick, do whatever you want, you can change it if you want.. Iam staying and you have to put up with it.“ She sat down and added for herself: „ SO that is it and now I am going to have a breakfast.“ And what she said, she also did, just noticed that he was pretty angry and she had to smile for herself.
She noticed his anger but didnt react anymore. She behaved as if he was an air and didnt watch him. Unfortunately she didnt know anybody from the people who came and therefore remained silent and waited untill the teacher came. She had known him, because he was teaching a class that she had taken last semester. So he remembered that she was pregnant. When the class started he, smiled and wanted everyone to introduce. He then asked everybody another questions. When he came to her and she introduced herself he asked: „ We already know each other from the past semester and how is the little baby girl? Cathy, right?“ Lorrie smiled and said: „ yes, she is such a sweet baby, she surprises me every time with the new things she can do..“ He replies: „ So the daddy must be certainly happy too.“ But she shooked the head: „Hm, daddy,…well, he didnt show any interest in appearing…..he is too busy…“ she says ironically. He becomes sad: „ I am really sorry..“ She waves the hand: „ Dont be…We are better than with him…we are lucky and we dont lack anything. This way it is much better..“ A gnerl who was sitting next to her said: „Well…mr. Is very busy? You are very kind, I wouldnt be like this…I wouldnt spare the jerk…“ A boy next to her added: „ I hope he pays you enough at least..“ Lorrie just shrugged: „ No, he doesnt pay…and I dont want his money..he can keep them….“ Most people in the class surprisedly looked and started to talk about it…Just Patrick was silent and showed her his angry reactions..
She noticed the reaction of Patrick how he was trying to add something but when he decided to, the teacher has ended up the discussion so he couldnt. He left it on the break when she decided to go on the fresh air to breath. It was too much on her to have classes with Patrick present there. It was so much effort to pretend and not to look at him. She realised how angry he must have been . Then she noticed that he came to the ground and screamed: „ What do you want…Tell me what you really want…What is it all about?“ She just remained silent and calmly said: „ Nothing? What should I want?“ That made him more angry. She yet pretends that nothing happened. He frowns: „ Well, the lady doesnt know? What should that be in the class?“ She looked at him: „ If you really want and it is your expressed wish, next time I can say that the father sits in the class, they can ask you directly and btw all what I said was just the truth. I didnt lie…“ That gets him angry: „ You dont mean it….“ She smiled: „You know what, first think what you want and then tell me….“ He noticed that she is making jokes on him and he was furious. She just waved to him and elegantly went around him back to class.
She didnt notice him afterwards, she just phoned to his sister and told her everything that happened. Maite was glad that they know about each other and then asked details about her beloved niece.
After the month of school there were the first midterms, as the first they should write an essay from comparative religions and because Cathy was sick the previous night, she was sitting at her and didnt have a proper sleep, she just went to write it quickly and hurried home. Unfortunately in class she didnt have any idea what to write…she had her mind completely closed and didnt know what to do. Then she remembered on of Paddy´s lyrics and decided to use something from that. She knew he was going to be angry but she didnt care. She finished the work and ran home.
Next week when she came to class the professor gave her the paper with her work and she got A. She was so glad, all the works were going around class and it got into Paddy ´s hand. He was pretty curious what she wrote and when he noticed it, he became angry, she has borrowed his ideas from the song. He wanted to say a word but she was already left. She wasnt feeling well and so the professor let her go home. He asked for her address in the registrar office and they told him. He needed to clarify this. She was sitting in the living room decked with a blanket and was watching TV. Cathy was peacefully sleeping and then she heard a bell, she went to open and the she saw Patrick. She frowned: „ What are you doing here and who gave you my address..“ He looked at her angrily: „ I got it in the office…..“ And she replied: „ How do you dare to come here……what do you want…I am not in a good mood and I have got many other things to do….“ He said: „ Why did you use words of the essay that were from my song?“ She laughed: „ You came just to tell me that my essay was nice? And btw I dont know what you are talking about.“ Patrick smiled ironically: „ Dont lie…“ She dfefended: „ I dont have any idea what you mean….“ She heard Cathy crying and said: „ Bye…“ She closed him doors just in front of the nose and he surprisingly stared at them: „ What does she think about herself?“ But he didnt know that
Lorrie moved down on the doors and didnt know what to do. She felt so terrible, she was sure that he ll want t revenge and was already afraid of it. She knew how cruel he can be and therefore worried it so much. She went to Cathy and then ,when she slept again, she took the psychology book and started to prepare for the psychology exam. It was her favourite subject and she liked it.
On the next evening, which was the last before the psychology exam, Patrick was sitting in the library and reading the book. He was in a bad mood because he didnt understand it even when he read it many times. He was angry and shouted: „ Damn psychology, I dont like it………but I cant fail, Trisha gave me an ultimate that I have to finish the school..“ Then he gets a brilliant idea: „ How is it possible that I havent thought about it before…“ He smiles sarcastically and takes the book and is going on the way to Lorrie.
She wasnt feeling okay that day. She caught the flu that Catherine had and felt like going to bed. It was almost eight, Cathy has been sleeping and she replied last emails and decided to go to bed too. She has been pretty tired and she needed a good night sleep before the exam. She was making a hot tea and then she heard a bell. That surprised her. Who could want something so late?
She went to look who is coming and she frowned when she saw Patrick. She was already in the night shirt. She opened and looked at him: „ What do you want? Dont you have anything better to do?“ Patrick looked at her with the begging look…: „ I know, it is late, but tomorrow is the psychology exam..“ She laughed sarcastically: „ What a surprise to me…“ He is angry in his mind but hidds in and shows her again the beautiful smile: „ I know you dont like to see me…“ She nodded: „ Yes, Bingo, I dont. If you havent noticed, and you havent because you také care just for yourself, I am not feeling very well and would like go sleeping.“ He pretends a sad face: „ I am really sorry…but I would really need your help because tomorrow there is the exam and I cant fail, Trisha would kill me…“ He looks down on the floor and Lorrie was thinking. Something warned her that she should throw him out but her compassion was stronger. She asked: „ What do you need…“ He is having the head looking on the ground and grinns winningly: „ And I have got you..“ But she couldnt see it. They went to the kitchen and he said: „ Thank you really..“ She frowned: „ Keep your thanks for somebody else and tell me what you need.“
He showed her the proper chapters and asked the questions. From them she could easily recognise that he hasnt read it at all. That made her angry: „ Patrick, you know what? You havent read it at all…when you are only making jokes of me, I think you d better go. „ He becomes frightened and says sincerely: „ No, please ,wait…I have read it at least million times but I dont understand it at all…“ She looked at him and started to explain from the first chapter…………………………….
They ended up at two in the morning. Lorrie stood up and excused and went to check Cathy. He was packing the things and was pretty angry: „ Such a fool, she behaved as if I was any idiot and didnt understand a word…Well.,…I ll get you….“ Then he looked at the CD player which was on the shelf. He came closer and put on a ballad CD. Meanwhile Lorrie came back to the kitchen and couldnt believe her eyes. Patrick turned off the lights and everywhere just candles light on. She looked at him: „ What is it? How do you dare to…“ She didnt finish because she heard her favourite ballad playing. Patrick suddenly came closer and asked: „ Only one dance as my thanks and I ll go then…“ She wanted to say something but he took her in his arms and they danced. She didnt want to dance. They were slowly moving with the music and Patrick was trying to move her closer to him but she always moved away. She was watching and hypnotising the time to move faster so that he would go. But suddenly she felt like his hand was touching her face and he was turning her head to him. She felt just how he was kissing her. That was too much on her. She moved out of his arms and gave him the biggest slap she could at the moment. But he is just sarcastically laughing: „ You re still the same…one doesnt have to try so much and gets you….“ She could see the triumph and victory in his eyes. She tried to be strong. She took a deep breath and screamed: „ You bastard, get out….You havent changed, you are still the same bastard who can just uses up people…get out…“ He just laughed again and left. She promised that she wont believe him never….more.
She could feel the tears on her faces and didnt know what to do. On the next morning she woke up, spent the day with Cathy. In the evening when she was going to the school she had a phone call. Lorrie saw the number and smiled: „ Hi, Maite..“ The person at the other side smiled: „ Hi Lorrie..I am sorry I havent called you for so long, but I have been out and have arrived from Africa. But how are you?“ Lorrie shrugged: „ Well, why didnt you tell me that Patrick is at school again?“ Maite said: „ I am really sorry, it was an agreement between Patricia and Paddy. Btw…what would you say if I came for a few days. I would like to see you and your sweet Cathy.“ Lorrie was happy: „ Yes, that is nice….I would be really glad. When could you come?“ Maite laughed: „ I would arrive in two days? Btw how is it going with you two?..“ Lorrie became sad again: „ Well, do you really want to know?“ Maite said: „ Yes, I would like to…please…….“ Lorrie took a deep breath and didnt know if she should tell the truth. Then she decided to tell. She explained to Maite everything that has happened between them and Maite was silent for a long time. She was still hoping that it will improve among them. Lorrie looked at the watch and she had to go.:“ Maite, I am sorry, I need to go to class for an exam ….so in two days I ll be waiting at the airport.“ Maite said: „ Of course…..it nice of you….so See ya…“
Lorrie hang up and she saw that Paddy was just watching her and said: „ My sister?…“ He wanted to say something harsh but he saw that she was looking very sad and seemed to be sick. She was white and almost standing on her legs. She looked at him:“ You know what? Let me be and go away….I am not interested in any talks with you…..“ She was really weak and had to sit down. He asked: „ Can I help you?“ She smiled ironically: „ You have already helped me a lot, dont you think? Get out.,,,,“
Then Alison opened the door and she wondered: „ Lorrie, what happened? Come on I ll help you home after the test.“ They went into the class and because both of them studied pretty well,so they ended up soon. Then they both left and went home. Lorrie was surprised that she felt still worse. Alison told her to stay in bed. Lorrie went inside and Cathy was already sleeping.
She laid into bed and was really happy that she could sleep. The baby sitter has already left and she was looking forward to the following day that she would spend together with her daughter. She loved the sweet one more and more…Even if she reminded her Patrick a bit, she was so grateful to have the little one with her all the time. They went for walk outside and the little one was learning to go and Lorrie was really happy when she saw her first steps. She was smiling to her daughter and in the evening they went home. When she slept out, she was already feeling better. She didnt want anybody to know.
On the next morning they went to the airport. The airplane was late so they were waiting. Finally Lorrie saw Maite who was coming to them. She laughed at them and first what Lorrie could see was a huge teddy. Maite came closer, and looked at Cathy and said: „ Look, sweetie, what I have brought you, and she gave her the toy. Cathy screamed happily and started to give out various sounds.
Maite hugged Lorrie and then Lorrie noticed a shy girl standing a far behind Maite watching Cathy. She noticed it was Barby. Maite said: „ Well, Lorrie, I hope you dont mind but I have také with me my sister Barby. Lorrie greeted her and said: „ No, of course not,…welcome here, Barby.“ Maite took Cathy into her arms and they all went into the Lorries flat. Maite had a secret plan in her head. She knew that Paddy loves Barby so much and she thought that he ll change his behavior when Barby sees him what he does to Lorrie.
When they came home, Lorrie went to prepare a place for Barby because she hasnt expected another visitor. Then when Cathy felt asleep, they all were sitting in the kitchen and talking. Maite asked:“ What about Patrick?“ Lorrie wondered: „ Nothing, what should be?“ Barby said: „ Maite, let her be, she evidently doesnt want to talk about him…“ Maite didnt listen:“ You know what I mean ,you see each other every evening….did you solve anything? Has he already seen Cathy?“ Lorrie became crazy: „ Are you serious? Solve something? With your brother? HE is such an idiot. He needed to help with psychology and I helped him and ….“ She decribed what happened and all what he said. Maite and Barby were just staring to all what they heard her saying. She continued: „ and if he has already seen his own daughter? NO, he even doesnt know that she exists and he wasnt interested at all..“
She stood up and went to check Cathy. Maite and Barby couldnt see his her tears when she was looking at Cathy. Meanwhile Maite and Barby were sitting in the kitchen and Barby asked: „wHAt was that? Why were you asking?“ Maite replied: „ Well, I hoped, that…he at least saw her…“ Barby hugged her: „ I know and Lorrie knows that you meant it well….“ Maite said strongly: „ I know, but I wont let it that way, he has to see her..he cant pretend she doesnt exist… she is his daughter and deserves a daddy..“ Barby thought: „ But he doesnt want her….do you really wish such daddy?“ Maite agreed: „ But this cannot continue so much, something must happen.“ Barby wanted to say something but Lorrie came into the kitchen back so she remained silent.
They went to prepare the dinner and Lorrie asked: „ I have to go to school…Could you please také care of Cathy or shall I call the babysitter?“ Barby smiled: „ Of course, we ll také care of her….Dont worry.“ Lorrie smiled and left to school. She went on the way and was really glad that she doesnt have to be alone. Maite was her good friend and Barby tool. She was writing the news to Lenka and at the moment she got the sms from Alison, that she wont be at school tonight. She just became sad, she knew that she ll have to face Patrick and she was really afraid of that. She went into class and sat down on the place. She was sitting and thinking about the talk with Maite and Barby, she was sorry that she had told them everything. She should have kept it as her secret and not to tell it all to his sisters. Then the professor came and she tried to concentrate on his lecture. But she couldnt, she felt miserable again. She didnt notice that Patrick was watching her. It was surprising that she even didnt také notes. It made him think about her. What happened? He was thinking: „ Well, the miss have slept so bad..“ but then he looked at her properly and he could see that she feels bad. He tried to concentrate but he couldnt, the thoughts were still running to her. The lesson stopped and she was still sitting on her place and thinking about something.
Paddy left the room and was on his way home. In front of the school he heard: „ Hey, brother…“ HE turned around and wondered when he saw Barby and Maite. He came and hugged Barby…he was so glad to see her, then Maite pretended to be hurt that he ignores her, he smiled and hugged her too. He asked: „ What are you doing here? I thought….“ Then he noticed that next to Barby there was a pram and Cathy had just seen a dog and called: „ bow bow…(haf haf)“ and touched Barby´s skirt and asked for the attention. That made Paddy angry: „Ahh…that is the reason why you are here, I have already told you that I dont want to have anything with this. I am not interested..I dont want to see her so let your attempts for somebody else.“ He leaves without a word.
Barby looked at Maite and said: „ I told you he will be crazy. When Lorrie finds out, she ll be angry.“ But Maite said: „ She doesnt have to know it.“ In the moment Lorrie came out of school and ran to them .She went to Cathy and hugged her and smiled at her. None of them noticed that Patrick turned around and remained standing there. They all devoted to Cathy and he just stared. Then he heard him saying: „ I dont want to see the child.,..I have told that to them and they are still trying to put it into my eyes…“ He wanted to leave but he couldnt move the eyes from Lorrie and the child.
They went on the way home and so did Patrick. He tried to get it out of the head but he couldnt. He still had in mind the picture when Lorrie was hugging and playing with the little one. They were looking so happily and satisfied, that they dont need him. Also his own sisters have gone against him. He came home and didnt put the light on, he just sat on the sofa and fell asleep there.
Lorrie asked: „ Maite are you sure, you havent met him? He must have gone a while before me…“ Maite lied: „ No, we didnt, we came a bit late and were worried that we ll miss you. We were waiting for ten seconds before you came…“ Lorrie smiled and brought Cathy into bed. When she was going back Barby looked at her: „ Are you feeling ok?“ Lorrie sat down on her bed…: „ No, I am feeling terrible, I ll go to bed..“ And Barby added: „ And tomorrow to the doctor, I dont want to see any excuses…you have to be healthy…“ Lorrie laughed: „ Ok, thanks, good night Barby,,,,“
When he woke up in the morning, he remembered that he had a very strange dream. Then he heard a bell and went to open. He looked at Maite and wondered: „ What are you doing here?What do you want….“ She smiled: „ I also wish you a good morning….“ HE answered: „ What do you want…“ Maite wondered: „ You have got a mood….“ He replied: „ What do you want…“ He almost screamed at her. She became angry too: „ What should that mean yesterday? Dont you have the heart? Tell me that the little one doesnt interest you..“ Paddy screamed: „ SO you came just because of this.,…you can leave now, I dont want to talk about it…..you know my opinion and let me be with the terrible kid. I never want to see her..so you can keep these incidental meetings……and now let me be, I want to sleep.“
Maite left sadly and went to Lorries home. Lorrie and Barby were already eating breakfast and asked Maite where she went. She remained silent.
In the afternoon they went shopping. The girls sent Lorrie to doctor and went for walk. They were talking about all and on the Charles Bridge they met Paddy. He was still angry and yelled at Maite: „ You didnt understand it? How shall I tell you? Are you silly or what?“ Maite has tears in the eyes, she tries to explain him and he shouts at her even more. Then he leaves and Maite falls into crying. Barby huggs her and asks: „ What should that mean?“ Maite explained: „ I was at his flat in the morning and asked him why he behaves like that…and he said he never wants to see her….“ Barby wonders: „ He is such an idiot…this was just an incident….“
They headed home and Lorrie was already waiting for them She got some pills and the doctor sent her to some tests tomorrow. They were talking and on the next morning when Lorrie left, Barby went on the way to Patrick. Lorrie had terrible night, after the boring lecture, she came home and felt so terrible. She couldnt feel her legs and Maite wanted her to stay in bed untill she goes to the doctor.
Meanwhile Barby rang on bell at Paddys flat. He opens the door and lets her go in. Barby sees that he doesnt look very well so she starts asking how he is, about school and suddenly he stops her. He offers her tea and says: „ You arent here to ask me how I am in school. Tell me, why are you here? Wait….I am gonna guess…Maite sent you to talk into my soul….Am I right or not.“ Barby says: „ NO, you arent…“ Patrick wonders: „ So you arent here to yell at me and push me to the responsibility for the child..“ Barby doesnt make him angry: „ not, really…you know, Paddy, yesterday you were really ufair to Maite…it was just an incident. We were walking through the town.“ Paddy smiles sarcastically and she notices: „ You dont believe me? How could we know that you ll be just at the same time at the same place?“ Paddy is silent and she says: „ Tell me..how could we know that you ll be there? He replies „ Ok, maybe you didnt plan it………why dont you all let me be…??“ She asked: „ What happened?“ Paddy sat down: „ Yesterday I had a phone call from Patty….“, he just shruggs and added: „ For the whole time she was screaming at me and wanted me to také responsibility for the child….so please dont start you…yet…“
 She looked at him and he looked really sad….She felt sorry for him and sad carefully: „ Paddy, and dont you think she might be right?“ Barby looks at him straight into the eyes…And he finally says: „ So, you too.. you know what….I think you should go, I dont want to talk about it I didnt really sleep well and I feel tired“ Barby looked at him: „ and now seriously…tell me what are you doing… I dont understand it all……….you and Lorrie were friends and the others claimed that very good friends…how could you mix it up so much?“ He sarcastically grinned: „ So Lorrie was telling you everything that was on her heart?“ Barby wanted to hit him: „ Not at all…and when you want to know that…she always avoids the topic talking about you…“ She notices the sudden interest in Paddys eyes and says for herself: „ Dont say you arent interested…just wait…“ And she talks about different topic. She asks: „ And what about school? Do you like it?“ Patrick disappointedly shook the head: „ Nop, but Patricia gave me the ultimate..“ Barby laughed: „ yes, she said that if you fail..you ll see something from her…. You have got respect of her?“ Paddy smiled: „ and who doesnt? You know her when she is angry…“ Then become serious: „ And I have really a lot to do not to…… The exams are really so hard…and if it werent for Lorrie….“ He realised what he said and stopped… Barby asked: „ What happened?“ He continued: „ I would fail of psychology… if you have to know it“, he says and suddenly there is the silence. She suddenly said: „ Please tell me what happened between you two? And tell me the truth… “ Patrick refuses: „ I am not willing to talk about it with you…“ but she says: „ Come on, Paddy, I have known you better than you think…something has happened…dont play anything…something must have hapopened….“ He replied: „ Nothing….what should happen?“ he says a bit angrily. She looks at him sarcastically: „ Nothing happened and therefore you went to bed with a good friend….“ Barby is angry and he says: „ Why couldnt I…“ She replies: „Come on, this isnt your style…never“ Patrick just adds: „ Bullshit..“ Now Barby is really angry: „ you know what ..I am fed up with this….“ Paddy looked up surprisingly, she hasnt spoken to him like that… therefore he replied: „ Také it easy, ok, I dont do that.,but it happened..what shall I do?“ and with the question in his eyes he looks at Barby. She just replies: „ Nothing, nothing can be done….but tell me…why her…why Lorrie… why did you decide just for her…what did she do so bad to you?“
Paddy looks at her: „ Lorrie?“ he doesnt look into her eyes and says: „ She did…. nothing“ adds the last word silently and remains silent. Barby looks at him: „ Paddy what happened that summer that changed you so much…and dont tell me that nothing….and look at me when I am talking to you…!“   she almost shouted at him. He asked: „Why are you asking?“ She wondered: „ Why am I asking? Because you are my brother and I love you and I am worrying about you……and look what has happened with you….“ Paddy remains silent and she says: „ Come on, tell me…“
Inside of Paddy there is a fight, shall he tell her or not? He isnt sure, but if she wants to know, it is her problem. He starts to talk: „ You know that I was in Ireland in summer…“ Barby nodds…and he talks: „ So I met there somebody..“ Barby laughs: „ That is perfect.. I didnt know that“ Then she stops when she sees Paddys face: „ Sorry, Paddy, that wasnt the best reaction…“ Paddy tries to smile: „ And I thought I have already found the right one…really…never before I have been so much in love than this.“ Barby is silent and he says: „ But for her it was just a game, she just used me up and then kicked out.. I felt so miserable and at that moment I swore that never more this will repeat…“ Barby added: „ and now there it is you who shall revenge…“ Paddy said sadly: „ Yes, it is,,,“   Then they talked about school and Barby asked: „ Do you know what I dont understand? Why you chose just Lorrie for your revenge, she has never done anything to you….she always helped you and supported with you and if it werent for her, you would already fail“ Paddy thinks and then says: „ it is easy to say but I was hurt and she was the closest. It was very hard…“ She replied: „You knew you are her friend and it will hurt her……but your ego needed satisfaction…But how could you do something like this?“ Paddy says: „ She just was here, and it was..what do you want me to say, you want to hear that it was a mistake? Ok, I admitt, it was a mistake….“ Barby replied: „ You know that I dont..but you cant want me to congratulate you…I am really sorry, why didnt you tell anybody what happened? We would support you and helped too. This wasnt the solution, ok maybe it satisfied your ego but…and tell me what about Cathy?“ Paddy asked: „ Cathy? Which Cathy? What does she have in common with this?“ Barby looked at him angrily: „ It is your daughter, if you havent noticed so far. Why dont you at least accept the responsibility and behave like a man? Why are you so stubborn about the fact that you dont want neither to see her, nor to recognise her…It s a wonderful baby girl, so sweet, she needs a father.“ Patrick looks at her with a sarcastic smile: „ yes, I have already noticed how much she needs me… On the evening in front of school when she was with Lorrie, they didnt seem that they would need somebody and not me especially.“ Barby looked at him and thought that it is all just pretending and says aloud: „ And you are surprised? What should they do when there was nobody for them…And sometimes the things seem to be different than they are…and you should know that the best.“ She stood up and left the flat.
Lorrie went to the doctor and he told her that she has to stay at home at least for a week. When Lorrie came home, Barby was still away and when she came, she didnt want to talk aobut it. She said that she was for a walk because she needed to think about all. Lorrie didnt tell the girls that she needs to be in bed, she just said that it is a flu but she needs to go to the class in the evening. They didnt want to let her but they knew that if she decides that nobody can change it. But when she arrived home, she felt much worse and Maite cathegorically announced that she wont let her go anywhere and put her straight forward to bed. Alison phoned that she ll make notes and Barby thanked her because Lorrie was already sleeping.
In the evening, Patrick came and wondered that Lorrie hasnt come yet. She never missed, She wasnt feeling even better and therefore didnt go to school, Paddy was wondering but still persuaded himself that he isnt interested and also didnt have enough courage to ask Alison who was always looking at him as the worst creature in the whole world. Alison phoned a day before the psychology class and said that the teacher will give the grades and promised to ask for it. 
But Lorrie felt better and decided to go to class. She cant miss it. Barby was persuading her to stay at home but Lorrie didnt listen. She wanted to go. Alison called in the afternoon that she cannot go because she needs to leave and that made her sad because she knew that she wont have anybody to talk to. In the evening she felt worse but still went to school. She bought a magazine and didnt tell a word to anybody. Then the professor came and gave them the tests. She got A- so she was fully satisified. She was wondering about Patrick. She had noticed that he came to class. She was curious about it, she turned around and he was just looking into the test and smiling. From that she understood that he passed so all the effort wasnt useless. The lecture started and she was feeling completely terrible. She didnt know what to do. She was wishing the end of the class. Paddy was in dilemma whether he should thank her so he looked at Lorrie and saw in what state she is. He was wondering: „ She is incredible, why doesnt she stay at home when she doesnt feel ok…“ He started to worry about her although he didnt want to admitt it.
Finally the class was over. Lorrie stood up and almost fell down, but she caught of the chair. Patrick watched it with worries, finally she left the class and went on the tram. Usually she walked but she wasnt feeling ok for a night walk. Yet the weather has changed and she wasnt angry at herself that she didnt have a better clothing. She went slowly to the tram stop and felt completely miserable, she was searching for the bench but couldnt find any. She didnt know what to do, she didnt feel the legs so she leaned on the station with the time table of trams. She closed the eyes and prayed the tram would arrive.
When she opened her eyes, she could see that Paddy was standing nearby on the station and watching her. She moved a bit and added: „ What are you doing here? Are you spying me?“ and she had to lean again because she almost fell down. Patrick added: „ No, I am going home…I am living a few stations by tram from here…“ He was still watching her, for the first time since their common night, she could see interest in his eyes. She answered: „ Fine…“ and turned on the other way. The tram still didnt arrive and she didnt know what she should do. She was freezing yet more, she was trying to warm the hands up a bit more but it didnt help. She began shaking completely, she didnt know what to do, she could feel his look on her back and she tried to pretend she was ok, but she didnt have much success with that. She was so much begging so that the tram would arrive soon when she noticed that somebody was putting the jacket around her. She knew it was him and turned around to him: „ What are you doing?“ He didnt answer and began to warm up her hands. She was asking: „ I have asked you something…why dont you answer…“ He looked at her: „ What am I doing? What do you think? Look at yourself…you are shaking, almost standing on the legs….so what can I do?“ She was angry because all what he said what true. She moved away from him and wanted to leave and said: „ I dont need your help, I can do it by myself,……….why are you caring… you were never interested, I was the air for you …“ she wanted to add something but she couldnt because she suddenly felt terrible pain in the head and didnt know what is happening. But Patrick caught her and was holding her around the waist and she wanted to say something but the tram was already arriving.¨He helped her to get into the tram, sat her down on the seat. SHe was feeling better, so she returned him the jacket, thanked and said: „ I m gonna get home alone, thank you for your help….“ He wanted to say someting but she stopped: „ NO, thank you, I am gonna go alone…“   She stood up and again she couldnt feel the legs and almost fell down. Suddenly she could feel somebodys hand around her and she knew that it was Patrick. They went out of the tram and he looked at her: „ Alone, hm? You want to go alone? You arent able to walk even two metres. I ll lead you home…“ She wanted to protest but he said: „ No comments…“ He took her home, she almost didnt know what happened, he held her and rang on the bell. Maite opened the door and suprisingly looked at them: „ You are friends again?“ Paddy said: „ No, she wouldnt get home so I brought her…“ Then she noticed Lorrie and immediately helped her into the bed. She let the door open so Paddy thought he might enter. 
Maite and Barby were helping to Lorrie and they didnt také care of him anymore, so he went into the kitchen. When he sat down on the chair, Cathy creeped into the room. She was coming closer to him, although she already could walk…she touched his knees and tried to stand up. Patrick didnt know what to do, he just sat down and didnt breath and stared at the child in front of him.Cathy managed to stand up, so she is looking at him with her blue eyes and watching Patrick. She has never seen him so she has to look at him. Patrick is just sitting and watching her, he wants to look somewhere else, but he cannot. Little Cathy is still taking his attention. He is looking at her at her hair, eyes, nose….there he stops and smiles: „ our nose…“ The longer he is looking for her, the longer he likes her. HE says to himself that it is really sweet baby. Little Cathy has finished and she liked him and wanted his attention. He wishes to tell her something, but before he can, Maite comes into the kitchen, stares at Patrick and then takes Cathy and brings her into the bed.
When she comes back she says: „ Who invited you inside…dont you know that you arent welcome here?“ He wanted to say something but then also Barby came from Lorries bedroom and when she saw Maite and Paddy, she already knows what happened. She said: „ Thanks for your help..she wouldnt do it alone…Thank you…we really aprreciate that….“ Maite also added that it is nice of him. Barby could see that is must be also frozen and asks if he doesnt want to stay for a cup of tea. SHe prepares for them and they are talking about everything possible except the topic about Lorrie and Cathy.
He goes home after an hour, leaves the light on and is just thinking. He was viewing the whole tonight evening, how she was at the bus stop , she wasnt feeling well and refused his help…he thought of how much she must hate him… the rejection in her eyes anytime he wanted to help her…how Maite was happy when she saw them together and thought they are friends again, and the most little Cathy, how she wanted to come to him, she stood up to see him better and then wanted his attention. He closed the eyes but still saw the picture of Cathy looking at him with her wonderful blue eyes… and then how well he talked with Barby and Maite and then he realised how lonely he actually is. That the family is against him, he doesnt have any friends and he also lost the best friend that he had. The person who was always interested in him, always helped him with whom he spent so many beatiful moments and felt so great. And the little one, he realised that she even doesnt know who he is. He is the stranger for her. He realised that he would so glad belong to her life. But when he saw how Lorrie was playing with Cathy, he thought that she is better without him, that she doesnt need him… with this thought he fell asleep.
But Maite and Barby had a long night. Lorrie got high fevers and they called the doctor. He said that she is having a pneumonia and needs to stay in bed that she cannot go out.Maite promised that they ll také care of that. He gave them some pills and left.
On the following morning he woke up and the day seemed to him better than the others. He had breakfast and hurried into the shop. He had to buy something. Then he went to the shop. He desperately needed to buy something. He was very glad when the lecture was over because he wasnt listening at all. When the class was over, he ran away from school and went to Lorries flat. When he was sitting in the tram his inner voice appeared. He was thinking if he shall really come? Does he need them?He decided that yes….he wanted to change what happened. The talk with Barby helped him to clarify what has happened and how far he let it go. It cannot continue this way….HE was worried whether Maite will let him go in. Maite opened the door and said: „ SO you meant it really…so come in“ He entered into the flat. He asked: „ Where is Barby?“ She replied: „ She had to go back to France so I decided to stay here for a few days untill she gets better. „ Paddy understood and they went to sit into the kitchen. There was Cathy playing on the ground. Maite was curious how Paddy will behave.When he saw Cathy, he went to her and showed her a big teddy which he was hiding in his hand: „ Look, Cathy, what I have brought to you…“ Cathy clapped her hands and took the teddy from his hands…. He smiled: „ I suppose that you like him….“ Maite was watching him and she didnt know what to say, this was a complete change.
They were drinking tea and talking and suddenly Cathy was full of playing with the teddy and went to Paddy and she started to touch his leg and wanted his attention. Paddy looked her way and smiled: „ What happened?“ She tried to get to his knee. He smiled:“ You would like to sit?“, took her and sat her on his knee.
But that was his mistake. Cathy liked his ears and hair. She was playing with them and smiling. She was pulling his even short hair and laughed. She seemed to have fun. But Patrick was just smiling and watching his daughter. Maite watched them and after the moment she stood up and said: „ Come on, Cathy, bed time..“ Cathy started to scream because she stopped this great game. Maite took her and went to také her to bed. When Maite came back, Paddy gave her a folder. Maite was surprised: „ What is it?“ Paddy replied simply: „ Notes from the lecture…“ She was really surprised, this was her warm- hearted brother, and she was glad for the change. She thanked and he asked: „How is she? Is it better?“ Maite shook her head: „ Nop, we called a doctor yesterday night and she has got pneumonia.“ Paddy just nodded. Then they were talking and when Maite went to Cathy, he went to look at Lorrie, who was sleeping.
He was coming every day and within a week they became friends with Cathy. He was playing with her, bringing her toys and presents. On friday Maite was sad. He was asking what happened and she said: „ I need to leave for one night. I need to solve something at home and I ll be back on the other day. I ll have to call the number of Lorries babysitter to také care of Cathy. I hope Lorrie will be able to do at least basic things.“ Paddy was listening and said..: „ Wait, I can stay here over night…“ She wasnt certain if that is the best thing to do. He added: „ Come on ,that is no problem for me. I promise I can také care of them. They are my family…“ Maite smiled: „ Ok, but it would be the best if I left right now, are you sure you can do it all? Can I keep you Cathy?“ Paddy frowned a bit: „ You forget one important detail..“ Maite smiled: „ I was kidding, I know she is your daughter.“
Maite brought Cathy to bed and hugged Paddy and whispered: „ Thank you..“    Patrick was alone. He was reading in the living room, then he watched TV a bit. Then he started to prepare his bed and then he had an idea. He was still hesitating whether he shall do it and then he decided that he could try it. He went to check Cathy and was looking for her for a while. She was such a beautiful baby, and the more because she was his little baby. He became so proud of her. But then he went to do what he wanted to. He slowly opened the door of her room. He knew that although Maite allowed him to see Cathy, she didnt let him see also Lorrie. He always saw her just a few seconds when Maite was with Cathy.
He slowly opened the door and watched that Lorrie was sleeping and he didnt dare to enter into her room. Then he turned around and went back to the kitchen where he cooked a coffee. He sat down on the chair and thought very hard about it all. Then he stood up and with the cup in his hand he went to Lorries bedroom again. He stopped at her bed and was watching her. Then he looked in the room around and his look stopped at the photos. On most of the pictures were the photos of her and Cathy. „ How happy they look..“ thought he. Then there were others with Dasa, Alison, Maite and Barby. Then he looked at one picture and thought that he knew it, but there was only part of it. Lorrie kept the one which was withnout him. „ She must really hate me…“ He sadly sat down on the chair and looked at her. Before he felt asleep, he said: „ I have to excuse to her, maybe one day, she ll forgive me…“
Lorrie still felt the terrible pain in the head. She suddenly woke up and was searching for a glass of water. She remembered that Maite was always giving it there. She tried to find it but suddenly she heard a crash. The glass has fallen down and broke into many pieces. ¨
Suddenly there is light. Lorrie is so shocked and more when she sees Patrick in her room: „ What are you doing here?“ She is frowning at him…He is still a bit asleep: „ Me?“ She agrees: „ yes, you….what are you doing here? Can you see somebody else here? How did you get into my flat?“ He replied: „ Maite let me in , btw she is away and she let me be here, but you dont have to worry, she ll be back tomorrow.“ She just nodded: „ Ok, but what are you doing in my bedroom?“, she said angrily….
He just says: „ You must really hate me so much..“ and is saying so seriously. Lorrie is shocked: „ What?…“ HE replies: „ I asked that you must hate me so much…“ and is looking directly into Lorries eyes. She moves with the look and she says silently:“ Dont run away from the topic, I asked you something…“ He just says: „ So did I ….“ And looks her into her eyes…“ She looked at him: „ Fine, Why are you caring now? You never did, never interested in anything, not at all what I think about you and now you want an answer? here it is…Yes, I do….and now what are you doing here?..“ Paddy replies almost whispering: „ I am sorry….“ Lorrie became angry: „ Could you tell me what you are doing here?“ Patrick says: „you arent gonna make it easier to me, are you? But you are right I deserve it…..no, dont be angry….“ Patrick can see the anger in her eyes.
Lorrie wanted to say something but he didnt let her: „ Please, listen, give me the chance.“ Now Lorrie wanted to say something: „ SO you are sorry now? Where was your (svedomi) during the whole time…? After such a long time of no interest now you come and say I am sorry…“ She repeats ironically: „ And what do you expect….that I ll fall around your neck and say that everything is gonna be alright? That you say I am sorry and all is forgiven, canceled, happy end? We arent in a movie…“ She finishes… She looks at him and he looks very sad but suddenly he says: „ NO, just…“ Lorrie asks: „ Just what?“ He replies: „ That you may maybe forgive me one day……but you are completely right“ Then he continues: „ But, I know that you wont believe me but I regret it so much, I behaved like some idiot.“ She adds: „ idiot, stupid, bastard….“ She helps him. He adds sadly: „ Yes, you are right“ He can see that she isnt so angry and seems to be amused. „ Maybe she likes to call me names…“he says.. : „ I dont need that..“ He tries to find the right words and then he says: „ I am really sorry, I just wanted you to know how much sorry I am. I am going to the room next door, I dont want to disturb you and when Maite arrives, I ll leave.“ He went and closed the door behind himself.
When Patrick leaves, Lorrie is staring at the closed door: „ Did he really mean it?“ She saw his sad and serious face and the regrets in his eyes… But did he really mean it or was it just a game again?“ She had a fight inside her.
Patrick was in the living room and felt so miserable: „ That is the end, she ll never forgive me, she doesnt even believe that I mean it serious. She thinks I am laughing out to her….that is the end, I have lost my chance.“
Lorrie was standing in her room and didnt know what to say.: „ What shall I do? He looked like that he really regrets…maybe I should give him a chance….nop, he, such star? To admitt that he is sorry…no that must be some other game.. remember the last time…“ she can hear the other part of herself.“ But then she did something weird. She opened the door and headed to the living room: „ I am gonna regret this one day…“ She came in and the light was off. She asked: „ Why now? Patrick, tell me, why now? After such a long time?“ The lamp was suddenly on. Patrick was looking at her surprisingly, he hasnt expected she would ever say a word to him…But she continued: „ Why are you doing this? …any other game of yours.? DO you like so much to play with somebodys feelings? TO pretend that you are interested in somebody and then to misuse, kick out and long time of no interest and then suddenly sorry? Why? To wait for the other hurt?,,,I dont understand it, you asked if I hate you but maybe I should ask why you hate me so much that you are hurting me so…“ Patrick didnt have power, he just stared at her. Lorrie cried: „ Well, no answer is also the answer“ and she wanted to leave, then her mind told her: „ so it was a new kind of game…“
Then she could feel a hand on the shoulder and he said with sad voice: „ No, please, dont leave… Lorrie, please…“ She turned to him with the question in her eyes. Patrick knew what it means…it says now or never, now it was upon him to talk.. He took her hand and led her to the sofa where he sat her down. He said opposite to her and looked sincerely into her eyes. He breathed: „Maybe I should start from the beginning but please remember that it isnt true that I hate you…..how could I hate a person who was interested in me not just to gain something and helped me and also supported me…somebody who did so much for me…“ He looked at her but still saw the confusion and a question in her eyes: „ Why?“
He replied: „ You asked why I did it. I needed to revenge, I wanted so that somebody else suffers.“ Lorrie didnt understand it at all…and he smiled tenderly: „ I am making it more confusing…“ He began again: „ Do you remember when I told, that summer, you know before it all happened…that I want to spend it in Ireland.“ Lorrie just silently nodded and he added: „ SO I did it, and met there somebody and fell in love…dont be surprised so much……………. But for her it was just a game and she used me up….and I said that nevermore and that is the time to revenge. Then I had to come back to school, all was still alive and then you appeared and I longed for revenge…and I knew that it will hurt you….that you will suffer,,.“ And the silence was everywhere. After some time he found the courage to look into her eyes. In his eyes appeared tears when he saw the meaning in her eyes. The mixture of sadness, anger, pain… HE silently asked: „ Please, could you ever forgive me? If I could return back time…“ Lorrie hardly searched for words: „ So the revenge? You destroyed everything for revenge?“ She asked again: „tell me, when you threaten me that you ll destroy my marriage..when you thought that Giulio is my husband? And the sentences about Cathy? And your ironics and screaming and shouting? Was it also revenge?“ Lorrie was loudly sobbing, it was too much for her. Patrick felt so miserable too, he knew that he was hurting her and that was the last thing that he wanted. He begged: „ Please, Lorrie, forgive me…“ he slowly moved to her and hugged her. Lorrie began crying completely. Patrick was holding her in his arms: „ I am so sorry…“ he took her face into the hands and looked her her deep into the eyes: „ I swear that I m gonna do everything so that you would forgive me and to gain your trust and friendship…I swear.“ Again he took her in his arms and attempter to calm her….“ He started to sing silently a song into her ear and moved with her from side to side. After some time she became silent but fell asleep in his arms. Patrick put a blanket over them and looked into her face and said: „ I ll make it better, I ll do all possible or impossible ….but I ll gain your friendship back…I swear….“ And was still watching her. After some time he fell asleep too.
When Lorrie wake up, she first scared when she saw Patrick but then she realised what happened the last night and said: „ SO it wasnt just a dream.“ She was watching him and on her mind came his words again, he looked so innocent in the sleep and she thought : „ I would even trust you if it werent for all I have gone through..“ Then into her mind came his words: „ You want to know why you? why I chose you? Because I knew that you would be very hurt…“ At the moment she couldnt be next to him. She had to go away, so she went to sit down into the armchair at the other part of the room. She felt so down, how glad she would like to cry, but something has broken in her and all the tears have dried out. So no tears, she sat down and put the knees to her body. What shall she think about the yesterday, she was so confused and looked again at Patrick. : „ Did you mean it serious? Are you really sorry?“ But then in front of her eyes she could see what happened last time when he came to ask for help with the psychology.: „Is is any other of your games?“ She didnt know: „ What am I supposed to do?“ ¨
She was asking but then she heard Cathy who attempted to get out of the bed, So the problem is put off for this moment. She silently closed the door and went out of the room. She went to Cathys room, put her into the chair for kids and prepared her the breakfast. Cathy was smiling and glad that she could be with her mummy again. After she made breakfast for her daughter, she took a cacao. It always impoved her mood and this time she really needed it. But the thoughts cannot be stopped, she should give him a chance, he said something about that he ll try to improve all and that he will do everything for it. But can she believe him? After all what happened? She remembered how her dream used to be to meet Paddy once….how naive she was. She would never believe how low he coud fall just to hurt somebody.: „ I cant give him the other chance so that he would repeat it..it just cannot be…“ Then she heard: „ Carefully, no, please…“ She turned around and heard Paddys voice, she confusignly looked at him and what she saw, she couldnt believe to her own eyes. Paddy was trying to catch the bowl with Cathys breakfast. Successfully but Cathy didnt seem to matter what she has done…just opposite, she was having fun and talking for herself she mummled something to Paddy. He smiled at her: „ You know what? I ll help you…we can manage it together right?“
Lorrie was shocked from what she saw…: „ Is it really Paddy?“ She was wondering.: „ And Cathy? She looks that she likes him? And Patrick looks like that he is enjoying that. Did he really mean seriously and changed himself?“ She said: „ good morning“ she finally spoke up: „ Do you wish to have breakfast with me and Cathy?“ Paddy wondered: „ I d love to…thanks…“ He smiled to Lorrie and kept on feeding Cathy. Lorrie prepared him the breakfast, put it on the table in front of Patrick and he thanked. She sat down opposite to him and drank the kakao and thought on many things. Paddy noticed and said: „ What I said yesterday I ment really sincerely…if that is what you are thinking about…“ Lorrie looked at him surprisingly: „ How do you know that I …“ Patrick jumped into her sentence: „ Most of the time you are a real secret to me…but this morning..in the living room…and also now….you looked like pretty sad, worrying and thinging about something. And btw ten minutes of staring into the kakao while making it isnt your style….and dont forget I know you a little bit…….well, I used to know..“ He corrected himself.
Lorrie looked at him with wonder in her face: „ You didnt sleep?… I thought that…but it doesnt matter, maybe it will please you because I was thinking exactly about this.“ And looked him into the eyes. He asked: „ And?“ She replied: „ Sincerely, I dont know what to think about it…“ Patrick added: „ You know, you are confused…“ And Lorrie just nodded. Paddy sadly looked: „ I understand….“ He said sadly: „ but do you think that you could give me the chance to prove and show you that I meant it really seriously?“ he asked with the desperateness inside. Lorrie moved with the look and watched her kakao. There was silence. Paddy became sad: „ She doesnt belive me, …and…and wont forgive me….“ The silence was broken by Cathy who loudly asked for another part of the food. Patrick silently smiled at her: „ Here you are, little sweetheart…“ Cathy ate it and smiled at him like a sunshine.
When Lorrie saw how Cathy enjoys Paddys presence, how satisfied she is..she was saying for herself: „ Maybe I should give him a chance…Cathy deserves a daddy and me? It isnt about me..Cathy is on the first place for me. Main thing is that she ll be happy, she looks so happily in his company.“ She took a deep breath and said: „ Maybe I am gonna regret it but yes“ she said slowly: „ well, ok you ll get a second chance.“ Paddy looked at her surprisingly…: „does she mean it really? Is she giving him the opportunity?“ She added: „ But I am telling you.,..I swear that if this is just one of your shows, I ll také Cathy and we ll move somewhere far ….but very far where you ll never find us…Can you understand it?“ „ Absolutely“, he said with the smile on his lips.
Then they heard the bell. Lorrie went to open and it was Maite. When she saw Ilon, she smiled and said: „ I am glad you already feel better…“ They both headed to the kitchen. When Maite entered and saw Paddy, she became worried but when she saw that he is talking with the little one and Lorrie isnt furious, she smiled: „ Hi, brother..“ She looked from one to the other: „ Did I miss something?“ Lorrie looked at Maite but didnt say a word. Paddy just mentioned: „ Unfortunately, dear ladies, I have to say goodbye, the duty is calling, I have to go to the class. …“ He turned to Lorrie: „ In the afternoon I ll bring you the notes.“ Then he caressed Cathys hair and then kissed Maite and left.
Maite turned to Cathy: „ Hi, sweetheart, you ll certainly tell me what happened here right?… I was missing you…“ She hugged her and Cathy was just smiling and saying something what wasnt understandable. Lorrie sat down and finally began to eat her breakfast. Maite then sat down and looked at Lorrie and waited. She was still wondering about what could have happened here.: „ Did they stop the war between them? IT looks like that yes. But why is Lorrie silent and doesnt say a word.“ Maite coudlnt hold it up and asked: „ Are you friends again?“ Lorrie looked at her and Maite could see from her face that it wont be as easy. Maite asked: „ Do you want to tell me what happened? „ Lorrie was hesitating for a bit but then she told Maite how she woke up and he was sitting at her bed, what he told her and she described her everything what happened in the past night and also on this morning. Maite was looking at her and then she hugged her: „ Everythings gonna be alright, you ll see…“
They spent the whole day together, Maite was playing with Cathy, and truly, in the afternoon Patrick came with the notes. But he didnt stay long, he wanted to give Lorrie some time so that she could think about it all. After some time Lorrie felt ok again and decided to come back to school.
On one afternoon when Lorrie came out of the school, Maite was looking very sad. She asked: „ What happened?“ Maite said sadly: „ I am sorry but I would really need to leave… I have got a lot of work before the new tour starts and also…I am missing my boyfriend.“ Lorrie smiled: „ I understand, I was just wondering what your boyfriend says to that you are here with me….“ Then they were talking the whole evening and in the morning they went with Cathy to the airport. Maite said goodbye to Cathy and then hugged Lorrie and said: „ Dont worry anymore, you have got Paddy here and he will be glad to help you with anything that you need…he phoned me today in the morning.“ Lorrie just smiled but didnt say anything. Maite hugged them for the last time and went to the plane. Lorrie looked at Cathy and they both waved to Maite. When she left, Lorrie said: „ And now sweetheart, you ll wait a bit for your mum, I need to see the doctor.“ She was told that the results are ok and she is healthy again. She was happy about the news and they both went to sit to the nearby park. Cathy stood up from the pram and was running around. After some time Lorrie decided that they would go gome to prepare lunch. Cathy went back to the pram and they went on the way back. But suddenly she heard some calling. Lorrie turned around and what was her surprise when she saw Patrick. She looked at him and smiled: „ Are you following us?“ He shook his head and replied: „ NO, Im living here and I saw you from the window… Lorrie just nodded and he asked: „ May I?“ and he pointed at the pram. Then Cathy turned around and started to giggle when she saw Patrick and wanted his attention. Patrick took her in his arms and listened to her own words. Then he put her back into the pram and lead it instead of Lorrie. She was just speechless and looked at him.
At the tram stop, he took the pram and brought it into the tram and then said: „ Did anything happen? You look sad and thinking about something.“ Lorrie answered: „ NO, not at all, I was at the doctor and I am OK again but today your sister departed and I have to search for a new baby sitter….but I already know about someone…“ Paddy just nodded and caught the toy that Cathy has almost thrown away. Lorrie was wondering: „ You know it with her…sometimes she doesnt want to listen to me.“ He just smiled and took the pram out of the tram. There they said goodbye because Patrick needed to go to the lecture. In the afternoon a new nanny came, Lorrie had recommendations from Alison and so she accepted her immediately. In the evening she went to psychology class. IT was the last class before the final exam and she was missing for almost two weeks and didnt want to miss the other one.
When Lorrie entered the class, Alison was glad to see her friend again and she was surprised even more when Patrick entered into the room and sat next to them. Alison just winked at Lorrie but didnt say a word. After the class Patrick asked: „ May I accompany you home?“ Lorrie just nodded and they were walking together talking about Czech music. Paddy just listened. Then the following week, it was free because the exams should start the next week and Paddy was for the whole time in her flat and expected the stuff she missed. They were studying together, and next week none of them had the problems with the exams. Lorrie finished the psychology exam earlier than him and she hurried home to Cathy. In the evening when she went to pick up the post, she saw an envelope in it. And she didnt know if she should open it and then she did, and there was the ticket for her favourite musical The three musketeers. She smiled to that and returned back to the flat. What she didnt know was that Patrick was sitting close to the post boxes, he knew that she was going for post at this time, she told it to him some time ago and when he saw her reaction he knew that it was right idea.
Lorrie didnt know what to say, it was the ticket for the following evening and she didnt know whether she shall phone him or not. The dilemma was solved in the morning when Paddy called. She wanted to thank him and he just added: „ There is nothing to thank for. This is my thank for the help with the exams….otherwise I would fail. And in the evening at five I ll come for you. He just hang up and didnt let her finish what she wanted to say. These exams were the last for both of them, they both passed all exams and were allowed to graduate.
Lorrie was still wondering whether she shall go to the theatre but then she said that it is her favourite musical and she cannot miss it. She took out some clothing and when he rang on the bell, she went to open the door. He was dressed in a suit. She was surprised and he asked: „ Do I look so stupid or what?…“ Lorrie just smiled: „ No, just…different?“ Paddy wondered: „ Different?“ Lorrie smiled: „ Yes, different, but dont worry, it is ok. ….Shall we go?“ He nodded, they said goodbye to Cathy and went. But Patrick had tickets to the balcony with the greatest view. Lorrie was amazed: „ How did you get those tickets?“ Paddy just smiled: „ When you have good connections…“ Then in his head he thought that he needs to thank Alison for such great idea. The show has already started and he could see that Lorrie was really enjoying herself. He could see that she really likes this musical.
During the break he asked: „ And now, as the right fans…wont we go to the backstage?“ She looked At him with the surpise: „ Do you mean it seriously?“ He just said: „ And why not?“ She replied aloud: „ Well, Patrick Kelly and to Backstage….hihi ,,,,,good joke..“ She laughed. He thought: „ Wait,. ,,, I ll show you… Paddy Kelly and to Backstage…you ll see something…“ And aloud he said: „ You re gonna dement this…..“ he said jokingly. She laughed: „ Well well well? Mr. Kelly has been touched?“ Paddy just added: „ You ll dement it….“ He took her hand and pulled her outside the balcony. Lorrie protested: „ Well,…noooo….“ Paddy just: „ Just wait“ They stopped at the backstage and she asked: „ What? This?“ She laughs: „ I think that one star next to me is just enough…“ She pulled him back because she needed to buy a drink. She was pretty thirsty: „ Ok, I dement it…“ Paddy replied: „ you destroy every fun.,…“Paddy wants to enter but she stopps him: „ Dont say you want to go there…“ He looks at Lorrie: „ Dont say you dont have the courage?“ Lorrie wonders: „ Who says I dont have the courage?“ Paddy says: „ You dont want to see the main stars?“ Lorrie replied: „ Well, not really?“ Paddy is surprised: „ NO? I thought they are your favorites?“ She smiled: „ Well, one star next to me ….“ And she hit him a bit. He asked: „ Am I star?…It is weird that you havent asked me for autograph yet.“  
Lorrie became serious, she put together her hands and started to pray: „ Oh, I really havent asked you for autograph…could you please devote me one? I dont want anything else…then I ll be the happiest person in the world“ Then she asks: „ Satisfied?“ Patrick pretends to be angry: „ So am I here for your fun?“ Lorrie replies: „ Of course no, I would never allow myself to make fun of you…“ She tries to pretend but she cannot hold his look. He says: „ Wait wait…you re gonna…“ He wants to say something but is disturbed by a loud voice.
„ Lorrie, I am so glad to see you, it s been for so long since we last time saw each other…how are you sweetie?“ And suddenly next to her stands a man who is kissing Lorrie on the face. Patrick is watching the scene and thinks who can be that? And the laugh has almost disappeared from his face. Lorrie stops his thoughts: „ Patrick, this is Roman and this…“ She points to Patrick: „ This is Patrick..“ Roman smiles at him and shakes his hand: „ hi, I am leading the fanclub here…“ Roman turns to Lorrie and says: „ So your…“ Lorrie touches him and he understands and changes the topic: „ So you are waiting for Monika, arent you?“ Paddy is listening and asks himself: „ What did he want to say that she stopped him?“ Roman continues: „ So I am inviting you to raut,…..Monika will certainly be there…“ He winked at Lorrie. He asks then: „ Where are you sitting? I ll wait for you at the end of the show..“ Lorrie shows him and he whistles und doesnt say a word. Lorrie looks at him strictly and he says: „ Nice to meet you…“ He turns to Lorrie: „ So after the show ok?“ He turns around and leaves. Patrick smiles: „ You have got interesting friends…“ Then they hear the gong that asks them to go back to their seats. Patrick says: „ I think it is time to return to the sears..“ He turns as a gentleman to Lorrie, offers her his hand and smiles: „ Dear Miss….“ Lorrie wonders but she bows a bit to him: „ Oh, thank you Dear Sir…“ and in the good mood the both return to sit down to their seats.
She was watching the second part of the show and didnt think about what happened during the break. Patrick was different. He was saying: „ Roman is very interesting person and it is really nice of him to invite us to the rout. I would really like to know where Lorrie knows him from, he is completely different from her other friends.“ Then he thought: „ Maybe her boyfriend?..no she would tell me if she dated somebody ….we are friends…and then.. he wasnt jealous at all..if it were her friend, he wouldnt be so friendly to me..and they both behaved very friendly…except the few touchings..and bad looks that Lorrie showed him when he said something that he shouldnt have said….wow ..she can be angry…………and what about her ex? But that they would have such nice relationship?“ He realised that they have never spoken of the topic boyfriends and girlfriends…and he had to admitt that he was a bit curious, He didnt know what to think of her relationship to Roman. Shall he ask her? Then he waved the hand and said that it isnt worthy to think about it and watched the show instead. After the final applaus they waited when the crowds will move and then Paddy offered her the hand and they came out to the corridor where Roman was expecting them.He asked: „ Did you like it?“ Lorrie immediately said: „ Yes….very much..“ Roman then asked Patrick: „ And you?“ Paddy smiled: „ Well, to be honest, it was average and music too and lyrics…“ Roman and Lorrie were staring at him and Lorrie understood that he was joking so she touched his hand..: „ Tell the truth instead..“ Paddy agreed: „ Well, I liked it much, great music, great show…I just feel sorry that..I didnt understand a word…but it was great.“ Now also Roman smiled: „ So come on to the party…“ HE gave them the cards to put it on the clothes. Lorrie was excited, she never was in the backstage of the theatre and she was curious about her favourite stars. Paddy just smiled softly. He hasnt seen her for so long in such a good mood. She looked like a child who got a new toy. SO they entered inside the room. After the moment Roman excused because of his duties.
Paddy offered her a glass of wine and she took it. They were drinking it when they heard a sound of the piano. Paddy turned to Lorrie and asked: „ Would you like to dance?“ And he bowed a bit to her…Lorrie laughed to his funny bow: „ Of course..“ She added and they joined the other dancing couples. After a moment Lorrie noticed that Roman was watching her, laughing and showing her the one with his finger and other funny faces. SHe smiled and showed him with the hand to stop it and disappear. Patrick couldnt have missed their communication. His ego said: „ Terrible woman, not even when dancing…she cannot give me her full attention and talks with Roman.,,,,that must be really important….“ Immediately his curiosity announced and he couldnt help himself and he heard him asking who the man was, Lorrie noticed and then she understood it and got it: „ You mean Roman?“ She blushed because she realised that he must have seen their communication. Paddy explained her blushing in a different way. She undestood and laughed: „ You mean Roman…he is my friend..“ Paddy wondered: „ Friend?“ She nodded: „ yes, just a friend, we ofter argue because of the political opinions but concerning the music, we understand really well.“ Paddy was surprised:“ Really? I thought you were or are dating…“ Lorrie laughed aloud: „ I would have to fall on my head to date somebody like this…“ Paddy didnt catch it: „ What is she telling him?“ She explained: „ Dont understand me wrong, but he just isnt my type…“ and she ended the chapter. He seemed to comprehend: „ So just friends…“ Lorrie agreed: „ I just wanted to thank you,…it is a great evening….“ Paddy smiled: „ I m glad that you are having fun.“ Lorrie nodded: „ yes, I I havent enjoying myself this way for so long…Thank you…“ Paddy replied: „ you are welcome…“ and thought that he has to thank Alison for such a good advice once more. Then they continued silently in the dance. After they went to say good bye to Roman and it was time to go home. It was pretty late, they were walking through the park and Patrick looked at her.
„ I have to say something to you…“, Lorrie looked at him: „ Whats up?“ He was looking seriously at her: „ You know, I meant that I would stay here over the summer with you and Cathy..“ Lorrie jumped into his speech: „ Look, you know that you dont have to..“ She breathed: „you arent bound to us..you dont owe us anything.. do you understand?… And you dont have to explain me anything and justify yourself…believe me…it isnt necessary..I understand it…“ Paddy stopped her and looked a bit angry: „ What are you talking about? That is a nonsense… I dont owe you anything and I dont have any duties to you?…When Cathy is my daughter and you..you are my best friend….then how come that I dont have to explain anything..“ Patrick was angry and she remained silent….He said: „ Maite and Angelo are preparing a tour and I have to leave for the whole holidays…..They told me yesterday..“ he added in a calmer voice…. Lorrie spoke up and smiled: „ Paddy, that is alright, really….I just hope that you call us sometimes…“ She tried to make jokes. Paddy replied strictly: „ No…“ Lorrie was surprised and he continued: „I am gonna call every day…“ he smiled. Lorrie looked at him: „ Please dont promise what you cannot fulfill…“ She looked at him seriously. Then he had a serious look and asked her a question: „ There is one more thing I d like to talk to you about….“ Lorrie waited with expectations and he said: „ It is about Cathy… When I come back from the tour..I d like to ….“ He remained silent and then finished: „ I d like to legitimate her..you know ….legally…to give everything in order…“ Lorrie stared at him, he has never talked about it before..not even a single word that he would want to do this. Therefore she was really surprised and didnt say a single word. Patrick looked at her with worries: „ Please, will you allow me to do it? That you wont be against…“ he asked her with begging. Lorrie was getting out of shock..: „ But you know that…“ He jumped into it: „ yes, I know that I dont have to, that I dont owe you anything“ …he continued: „You have already told me this today… But I really want it, really wish it so much…please…let me…let me be her father“ She looked at him and said: „ When you want it so much. Cathy adores you and I wont be against.“ He smiled happily and hugged her: „ thank you, thank you , thank you…“ And then he whispered into her ear: „ Have a nice time here with Cathy and I ll certainly show up during the holidays and I m gonna call every..every day.“ Lorrie replied silently: „ Please, dont promise..“ but Paddy replied: „ I will….“ She just nodded: „ I just…..I wish you could fulfill it..“ Patrick said: „ I ll fulfill it, believe me….“ He hugged her once more and left and Lorrie returned back into her flat.
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